Who makes Harbor Breeze ceiling fans?

Harbor Breeze is one of the most popular brands at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Besides its popularity, it is the outlet’s official fan brand.

Considering Lowe’s does not make any of the items on sale, the question about who makes the budget fan often comes up. Especially when comparing them with other options.

Apart from the curiosity, the question of who makes the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is vital in two ways:

First, it helps buyers to make the right decision, especially in regards to warranty. Second, knowing who makes the fan is the best way to judge its quality, especially in a market saturated with generic units.

What company makes Harbor Breeze ceiling fans?

Harbor Breeze fans are made by Litex Industries. The company designs the products, manufactures, and supplies them to resellers instead of having their own stores.

Through this business model, Litex concentrates on designing and making consumer discretionary products only instead of creating departments to deal with sales and marketing.

Harbor breeze company logo
Harbor breeze company logo

Although it is unclear where the company outsources its materials, it has successfully managed to keep its prices low.

Also, in case of repairs, the Litex Industries ceiling fans are easily repairable compared to some high-end products. Due to similarities with Hunter ceiling fans, it is often thought that they are a rebrand.

Does Hunter make Harbor Breeze fans?

No. Even with the similarities highlighted above, Hunter does not make the Harbor Breeze fans.

Although it is a growing tradition in the tech world for companies to work together in specific markets, the two do not have a history of working together.

So, the possibility of any of the two companies delegating any part of production is farfetched.

Is Harbor Breeze a good brand of ceiling fans?

Yes. Besides being part of Lowe’s Stores most advertised items, the brand is unmatched in the following key areas:

1. Competitive pricing

While the ceiling fans from this brand are not premium, they are decent in terms of what you pay as a homeowner and the specs you get.

2. Powerful mid-range motors

Harbor breeze ceiling fans have the best mid-range motors. Apart from its high-end models, most of its units use improved 3-speed motors with reversible features.

They are also quiet and efficient, especially when used for hours. You can check out the top 5 Harbor Breeze fans for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. More extra features

Although most budget and mid-range ceiling fans are basic, this brand has impressive extra features.

For example, all its fans have decorative housing for the motors and come with wood blades.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans vs other brands

Harbor Breeze 52 in ceiling fan
A 52 in Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Image: Lowe’s

Unlike the premium niche, the market for budget ceiling fans has many similar brands. However, Harbor Breeze as a brand is special in two ways:

1. Better customer support

The customer support at Lowe’s is unmatched. Whether you want a spare part of a previously purchased fan or you are uncertain about which ceiling fan to buy, they have a dedicated team for such scenarios.

But if you are just looking for basic troubleshooting, we’ve got a detailed guide to help you through.

2. Reasonable warranties

While most of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are not expensive, the brand is gracious enough to include good warranties. Therefore, you can use any of its units without fear.

How to contact Harbor Breeze

Although the company targets the budget market, it has one of the best customer support systems.

If you need some clarification on the warranty or need a spare part of your Harbor Breeze fan, you can contact the company in two ways.

You can talk to Lowe’s Stores for all fans’ queries since they are the leading distributors. The customer care number is 1(800)445-6937. You can also visit your local store for more information.

Alternatively, you can contact Lowe Stores via email. The official email for general inquiries is [email protected].

Unlike calling, the stores may take hours or days to get back to you. However, a written response from the stores is always detailed compared to a call.


Although Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are synonymous with Lowe’s Home Improvement, they are made by a different company. Litex Industries is the company behind the designing and manufacturing of the fans.

While the Harbor brand has many similarities with other companies in pricing and design, there are no known collaborations between the brand and other companies.

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