Best Harbor Breeze ceiling fans – Buyer’s guide

If you have settled for a Harbor Breeze fan, you have made a great decision. If this is your first ceiling fan, you will definitely enjoy its performance and reliability.

On the other hand, if you are replacing an old Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, you will be surprised to know how many models are available nowadays.

When shopping for a Harbor Breeze fan for indoor use, I noticed that it can be difficult to settle for one.

Those who don’t have much time in their hands may find the process quite frustrating. That is why I created this guide –to help you select the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan for your needs.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose one that suits your budget, needs (like installing indoors or outdoors), and has all the necessary features (like remote, Alexa, or Wi-Fi).

Besides, most Harbor Breeze fans are reversible and will blow warm air towards the ceiling and down the room in addition to cooling. This means you can use them through the summer and winter.

Things to consider when choosing the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan

When on the market for a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, pay attention to the following factors:

Noise levels

Consider buying a fan that is quiet and does not produce a loud buzz. The appliance will even be ideal for installing in the bedroom.

Room size

Select a fan based on the size of your room. If you have a large space, go for one that has long blades and a robust rotation system to give you proper and efficient ventilation.

Ideally, if your house is more than 450 square feet, the size of the fan should be more than 52 inches.


Determine the height of your room first before purchasing the fan. For example, if you have a low ceiling, go for a flush-mount model to ensure enough head clearance.

For an average-height ceiling, use the hanging rod supplied by the manufacturer. If you have a higher ceiling, an extension rod will help to hang the fan to an optimal position in your space.

Control options

Figure out whether you want to control the appliance from a wall switch, remote, or pull chain. The mode of operation will depend on the fan you choose.

Also, consider choosing a fan whose finishes complement your unique interior style. Some of these fans come in wood, bronze, or brushed metal.

The best Harbor Breeze ceiling fans

As you can see above, there are quite a number of things to consider when choosing the fan. Because of this, there isn’t a single fan that ticks all the boxes. However, you can always choose a fan that has as many good features as possible.

With that in mind, here are the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fans that we recommend for use at home in no particular order.

Ceiling fanUsePrice
Harbor Breeze HydraIndoor
Harbor Breeze Merrimack IIIndoor/Outdoor
Harbor Breeze MazonIndoor
Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze IiOutdoor
Harbor Breeze Sail StreamIndoor

1. Harbor Breeze Hydra 70-inch – Best for indoor use

Harbor Breeze Hydra 70-inch
Harbor Breeze Hydra is a 70-inch ceiling fan that comes in brushed nickel and is ideal for indoor use. It features a light kit, remote control, 6-speed settings, eight blades, and reverse airflow.

The fan offers a better breeze to ensure optimal comfort for the homeowner. You can change the direction of the fan based on the season.


  • Its brushed nickel finish gives the fan a modern look and can integrate into any room.
  • The light kit has an integrated LED frosted glass that offers brightness and energy-efficient lighting.
  • It can move lots of air in large areas of over 500 square feet.


  • It is expensive compared to similar fans.

The Harbor Breeze Hydra 70 Inch Brushed Nickel indoor ceiling fan is best for homeowners that want a fan that is silent when operating, offers better airflow, and is easy to install.

You can check the current price on Amazon.

2. Harbor Breeze Merrimack II – best for outdoor use

Harbor Breeze Merrimack II
Harbor Breeze Merrimack II is a 52-inch ceiling fan that comes with an LED light kit, five blades, and a matte bronze finish.

It is an ideal fan that you can use either indoors or outdoors. That means you can use it on the patio or bedroom. Furthermore, it comes with a reversible airflow of up to 3800 CFM to ensure a strong breeze.


  • It works well in rooms of up to 450 square feet.
  • Its light kit provides the right amount of illumination in any room.
  • It operates quietly.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It does not come with integrated remote control.

If you are looking for a Harbor Breeze outdoor ceiling fan, the Merrimack II with a matte bronze finish is what you need.

You can check the current price on Amazon.

3. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-in Flush Mount
Harbor Breeze Mazon is one of the best 44-inch ceiling fans to install in small rooms of up to 100 square feet.

It comes in a brushed nickel finish and features three blades, a light kit, and a flush mount. The Mazon provides airflow of up to 2,069 CFM, which is enough to maintain the comfort level of your space.


  • Its 18-watt LED bulb offers energy-efficient illumination.
  • It allows for reverse airflow to accommodate the current season.
  • It does not make noise when operating.
  • The brushed nickel makes it look elegant and unique.


  • You cannot replace the LED lights if they stop working.

If you want a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan with a remote, the Mazon 44-inch ceiling fan is what you need. Besides, it is cheap, and ideal for small spaces.

You can check the current price on Amazon.

4. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in
Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii is a 74-inch ceiling fan that is useful for installing outdoors. It comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish that provides a sleek appearance and protects it from the weather elements.

The fan comes with six brown wicker blades, a light kit with frosted glass, and a 3-speed reversible AC motor. Although it is useful for outdoors, you can also install it indoors to get better airflow.


  • It is the best for large rooms of over 400 square feet.
  • It creates a bright glow, whether inside or outside.
  • Puts out lots of much-needed air in the summer.
  • It looks perfect in any space.


  • It does not come with a remote.

The Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Ceiling Fan stands out because of its versatility, price, easy installation, and style.

You can check the current price on Amazon.

5. Harbor Breeze Sail Stream 52-in Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Sail Stream is one of the best 52-inch ceiling fans from the company. Its brushed nickel makes it look elegant in any room.

The Sail Stream comes with three blades that provide better air efficiency. The fan has a remote that makes it easy for you to control it from any space. Furthermore, it has a light kit that offers better illumination in dark areas.


  • It has durable material.
  • Its motor is quiet, powerful, and generates high airflow.
  • You can change its direction settings seasonally.
  • It is ideal for large rooms of up to 450 square feet.


  • It is not the best for rooms with high ceilings.

If you want a Harbor Breeze 52-inch ceiling fan that will generate high airflow in a room with a low ceiling, the Harbor Breeze Sail Stream is what you need.

You can check the current price on Amazon.

Is Harbor Breeze a Lowe’s brand?

Harbor Breeze is the ceiling fan house brand of Lowe’s. You can get the fan on any of the Lowe’s stores countrywide or online. The fans come in different designs and styles and are budget-friendly.

Are Harbor Breeze fans made in the USA?

Litex Industries is a company that makes Harbor Breeze fans. The company has its headquarters in Texas, United States.

Although the corporation is in America, it does not manufacture electrical appliances in the country. Instead, it assembles them in the USA before making them available for sale, mostly at Lowe’s.

We created a guide on ceiling fans that are manufactured in the USA for those who would love to promote local businesses.

Features to consider in the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan

Per this review of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, the best features to look for in these fans are:

  • Remote control: The device makes it easy for you to adjust lighting and airflow from any place in your room. It can come in handy in times when you want the fan on and the lights off or vice versa.
  • Light kit: A light kit is an excellent feature that helps you to brighten your room. But for that to happen, the height of your ceiling must be tall enough to accommodate the lights.
  • The number of blades: The standard number of blades on a ceiling fan is three. A three-blade fan possesses a great balance by ensuring a medium drag on the motor and a natural wind effect. However, having four to five blades is ideal if you want more air efficiency.

Also, consider a fan that features three-speed settings and a reversible motor.


From the above list, you should be able to choose the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan for your intended purpose. Whether you need one that has a remote, three blades, and or multiple mounting options, you have plenty of options.

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