The best basement odor eliminators in 2023

Musty basement odors never go away quickly, regardless of how much you sweep, mope, or spray the room.

At some point, you may have tried to use sprays and scented candles to remove the smell. The problem is that these can only eliminate odors temporarily.

A smelly basement can get worse with time. It can degrade your home’s structure and create many health problems like asthma and allergy attacks.

If you want to eliminate the smell in your basement, you need the best basement odor eliminator.

Do basement odor eliminators really work?

There are several steps to eliminating odor in the basement. First, you have to find what is causing the odor. Once you have identified it, you have to fix the problem. The third step is to eliminate the odor.

Some basement odor eliminators work quite well when it comes to odor elimination. Different products use different techniques to neutralize and eliminate the odor. However, some products basically apply perfume over the odor. Avoid these products since the bad smell will return after a few days.

Best basement odor eliminators in 2023

Product NameLasts (months)MechanismPrice
Gonzo odor eliminator
*editor’s choice*
volcanic rocks
OdorStop OS2500 6Ozone
Arm & Hammer12baking soda and
calcium chloride
Moso 24activated bamboo
Fresh Wave2plant extracts
Hamilton Beach 04532GM3carbon filters
airBOSS Anywhere6activated charcoal

1. Gonzo odor eliminator – Best overall

Gonzo odor eliminator

Gonzo Odor Eliminator is a non-toxic, volcanic mineral that naturally absorbs moisture and odors. The eliminator does not have cover-ups or perfumes.

Instead, it uses volcanic minerals because the rocks are environmentally safe. These rocks offer a natural alternative to other basement air fresheners. You can use the product at home around children and pets.

The advantage of Gonzo Odor Eliminator is that you can recharge it by placing the product in direct sunlight.

That means the basement odor eliminator will be ready to start absorbing unpleasant smells in your garage and basement again, and you won’t need to spend on a new bag.

It will also eliminate musty odors caused by mildew and mold, garbage smells, pets, feces, and urine. Furthermore, the product will remove airborne bacterial odors and odors in cars, boats, trucks, and RVs.

You can also use it to remove cigarette and cigar odors, fireplace and chimney odors. The eliminator will deodorize your basement, kitchen, bathrooms, closets, and other areas to get rid of musty smells.

  • It is an excellent product for households that are sensitive to fragrances. People with allergies will also find it useful.
  • Reusable and rechargeable. The product can last up to 2 years.
  • It is compact and easy to use.
  • It may not work well in large areas of more than 600 square feet. In this case, you’ll need more bags.
If you are looking for an all-natural, non-toxic, and fragrance-free eliminator for your basement, Gonzo Odor Eliminator is the best choice.

2. OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator (OS2500)

OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generators

OdorStop OS2500 is a professional-grade ozone generator. It helps to deodorize and sanitize medium to large spaces.

You can use the device to clean hotel suites, offices, apartments, homes, daycare centers, restrooms, condos, and basements.

The unit is ideal for eliminating severe odors caused by different substances.

These include tobacco, smoke, and fire, mold and mildew, water and flood damage, cooking and animal smells.

  • It is very effective and works instantly
  • Completely eliminates odors. It doesn’t mask unlike many other products
  • The unit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty.
  • It is easy to use, maintain, and clean the ozone plates.
  • The unit is lightweight. You can carry it around from one room to another.
  • Overexposure to ozone can cause health problems. You need to follow instructions carefully and remove excess ozone if necessary.
  • It is more expensive than other products such as activated charcoal or volcanic rocks
The OdorStop OS2500 generator is the best choice for people looking for an ozone generator to purify air and increase odor elimination in their basements.

3. Arm & Hammer moisture absorber & odor eliminator

Arm and hammer odor eliminator

Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorber is an odor eliminator that works in a damp, smelly, and humid area to remove the excess moisture that causes musty odors.

The product is a non-electric dehumidifier that will keep a small room smelling fresh. You can use the odor eliminator in your clothes closets to remove excess moisture.

Excess moisture in your wardrobe can damage leather goods and clothes. It can also cause damp feeling fabrics and mildew spots.

Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator will work well in many areas in your house. These include the bathroom, basement, garage, laundry room, crawl spaces, mudroom, and storage room.

You can also use it in your car, boat, RV, and any place with a stale and musty odor. To use the product, hang it up anywhere you want to remove odor.

  • The product does not need electricity to operate.
  • It is long-lasting. The product can last up to a year.
  • You can use it in small areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • It is not rechargeable, unlike other products. You will need to replace it from time to time.
  • Not the best for large areas like the living room.
Arm & Hammer Moisture Absorber & Odor Eliminator is the best to use in a damp basement and garage. It will eliminate moisture in your basement and leave it smelling fresh.

4. Moso Natural air purifying bag

Moso natural air purifying bag

Moso Natural is definitely one of the best air-purifying bags. It offers an easy and convenient way of maintaining a dry, clean, and odorless environment in your basement and garage.

The product is made of natural bamboo charcoal, which is safe to use at home. The air purifying bag can absorb and remove allergens, odors, and harmful pollutants in your basement.

Furthermore, you can use the product to clean and refresh the air in your home.

The natural bamboo charcoal will also neutralize stubborn smells. These are smells caused by pet urine, smoke, wet dogs, cat litter boxes, and gym shoes.

As an odor neutralizer, it is an excellent natural alternative to chemical sprays, deodorizers, gels, and candles.

  • It is long-lasting. The product has a lifespan of two years with proper care.
  • Fragrance-free, chemical-free, and non-toxic. That means it is safe for children and pets.
  • The product offers a convenient way of a maintaining fresh, dry, and odorless environment.
  • It is more effective in smaller areas than in larger spaces.
  • You need several bags to purify the air in any room.
MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag is the best to use in musty and damp environments. It will absorb excess moisture in these areas and prevent the formation of bacteria, mildew, and mold.

5. Fresh Wave odor removing gel

fresh wave odor removing gel

Fresh Wave Gel Bucket is a natural odor-removing product for basements, bathrooms, and other damp areas.

The product uses simple, natural, pure ingredients to eliminate inorganic and organic odors.

Instead of covering up smells with chemicals and perfumes, it eliminates odor molecules in your home.

You can use the product to remove odors from food, mildew, trash, smoke, and pets.

The gel evaporates when in use. It will disappear as it eliminates odors from a smelly basement drain.

  • The product is safe to use. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-GMO.
  • You can save a lot with the 2-gallon gel bucket. A scoop of the gel is enough to eliminate odors from your basement.
  • The product can last up to 60 days.
  • It is expensive compared to other similar products.
Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel Bucket is the best air freshener for a basement that uses natural ingredients.

6. Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04532GM

Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04532GM

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator is an air purifier that traps dust and eliminates household odors.

The unit has quiet fans that pull in air and neutralize odors using three carbon filters and then send fresh air back into the area.

The air cleaner does not mask smells and odors. Instead, it eliminates them.

You can use the cleaner to remove pesky kitchen and pet odors, keep bathrooms fresher, and eliminate the smell of smoke.

  • It is energy efficient. The cleaner uses less energy than a typical 15-watt light bulb.
  • Lightweight, which means you can carry it around easily
  • It features a two-speed switch to give you better control when eliminating odors.
  • It is not the best for eliminating odors in rooms larger than 10’ x 10’.
  • Sometimes it can be noisy during operations.
Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator comes with an optional scent cartridge. The cartridge helps to add some fragrance when the cleaner is purifying the air.

7. airBOSS Anywhere dehumidifier

airBOSS Anywhere Dehumidifier

airBOSS Anywhere Dehumidifier is a product that contains activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal helps to absorb odors and remove excess moisture from damp basements.

It comes with drying crystals that protect items against rust, dampness, and musty odors. These odors are usually trapped in enclosed spaces and closets.

The dehumidifier is the best for small areas prone to moisture or mildew.

You can use the dehumidifier in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, closet, and storage spaces. The activated carbon in the cleaner will work against smells in small spaces.

It will trap and absorb offensive odors. After it has finished the musty basement smells, it will leave the area smelling fresh and clean.

  • It can handle both smell and humidity simultaneously.
  • Easy to install. Just take off its metallic liner and pop the top back on.
  • The item does not need added fragrances to remove odors.
  • It is not the best for dehumidifying areas larger than 400 square feet.
airBOSS Anywhere Dehumidifier will pull moisture out of the air in your basement. It will last up to six months before it can’t absorb moisture anymore.

What makes a good basement odor remover?

Are you wondering how I decided on these basement odor eliminators? Well, here some of the things I considered and you must consider them too:

  • Ability to remove odors completely: You don’t want to settle on something that doesn’t remove odors permanently. Remember that some products don’t work well in musty places such as basements. On the other hand, others are best suited for such places.
  • Non-toxic ingredients: This is especially important if you have kids and pets. Toxic chemicals can result in diseases and long-term health issues. Therefore, avoid toxic chemicals for odor removal.
  • Reusability: If the odor just doesn’t seem to go away, you need an eliminator that can be re-used for a long time. A common air freshener won’t last for a few weeks. On the other hand, a good odor eliminator can be used for years, with recharging after every couple of months.

Having broken down the benefits and buying guides, we can delve into the reviews and buying guides of the best basement odor eliminators in the market this year.

Causes of basement odor

It is not enough to clean your basement. The reality is that a buildup of dirt and dust does not cause the musty smell.

Your basement is the perfect environment for holding moisture. As such, you need to investigate further to determine the primary cause of the smell. After the discovery, you need to come up with a plan of eliminating the musty odor.

Basements are tricky because many things can cause a musty smell. These can include excessive moisture, mildew, mold, and poor ventilation.

Another cause of basement odor is water leaks. A small water leak can cause lots of humidity in the basement. You should take care of visible water leaks or stains before they damage your home’s foundation.

How to prevent basement odor

You can avoid basement odor by identifying the source of the smell. Some of the ways of doing this include:

  • Removing mildew and mold – Clean out mold and mildew from all infected objects. Or, throw away everything that has the odor embedded within.
  • Store papers and books in sealed containers – The scent may be coming from papers and books. The musty smell can be difficult to clean if you want to keep the papers and books. Keep them in sealed containers or store them in a new location.
  • Air out rugs and furniture – Always air out the carpets and furniture in your basement. The musty smell can embed in them.
  • Invest in a ceiling fan – A ceiling fan will prevent the basement from retaining moisture. Ensure to run the fan for a few hours every day.

Try to prevent moisture from accumulating in your basement. In the long run, you will avoid basement odors altogether.

How to eliminate odor from your basement

You can get rid of basement odor in many ways. These include using:

  • An Ozonator – An Ozonator produces ozone. Ozone oxidizes airborne odors and destroys bacteria, mold, and other organic materials that come into contact with it.
  • Activated charcoal – Activated charcoal will absorb airborne impurities or particles that cause mold and bad odors. The basement odor absorber will then eliminate them from your basement and leave the air fresh and clean.
  • Borax – As a natural mineral, borax will kill fungus in your basement. It will also absorb odors, stains, and kill mold.
  • Baking soda – Baking soda will absorb odors and reduce mildew in your basement. Place baking soda in a container and leave it in a corner to absorb the odors.
  • A dehumidifier – A dehumidifier prevents excess moisture accumulation in the basement. It will ensure the environment is dry to avoid the formation of mildew and mold.

Sometimes the most effective way to eliminate basement odor is to ventilate and deodorize the basement. That means you should open up basement windows to bring in the fresh air.

If your basement does not have windows or doors, install a fan to increase air circulation.

If these do not work, you need to buy the best basement odor eliminator.


Hopefully, this guide has enabled you to find the best basement odor eliminator for your home. The listed eliminators will dehumidify the air in your basement and absorb odors.

You have many options when it comes to a dehumidifier or odor eliminator. You can either buy an electric or a non-electric one. Regardless, ensure the odor eliminator is safe to use at home. Prices of the listed cleaners range from $18 to over $100.