Long-lasting air fresheners for home use in 2023

Nothing makes a home more inviting and comforting than a fresh scent. Subsequently, if your living space has unpleasant odors, your quality of life may decrease.

In fact, the New York Department of Health points out that exposure to odors can result in a range of health effects. For this reason, you must find the best air freshener for home use.

Air fresheners can eliminate odors and provide different and unique scents for your home. However, not all of them are commendable. Some have strong overpowering scents that can leave you, your family, and your pets sneezing. On the other hand, some aren’t ideal for people with allergies.

We have, therefore, researched and tested multiple air fresheners to find the best you can use at home. Remember that preferences vary when it comes to fragrances and modes of use. As a result, we have listed the best types to make it easier for you to narrow down your preferred scents.

Best air freshener for homes in 2023 – Our top 5 picks

The best air fresheners for homes (work with pets, too) are:

ProductFragranceMode of usePrice
FebrezeBay leavesSpray
Air WickLavender/chamomileplug-in
Citrus MagicCitrusSpray

1. Febreze Freshener Heavy Crisp Clean

The Febreze Freshener Heavy Crisp Clean is the best home air freshener on the market. It is an aerosol product that can be used in different rooms in the house including the bathroom, living room, and closet.

The ingredients found in the air freshener are water, fragrance, alcohol denat, nitrogen, sodium citrate, and benzisothiazolinone. Others include sodium polyacrylate, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, and diethylhexyl sodium sulfosuccinate.

It is effective in clearing away odors through its OdorClear Technology and provides a fresh scent for your house.


  • It is safe for homes with pets
  • Its scent is mildly light
  • Fitted with an easy spray nozzle
  • It comes in different floral and citrus scents
  • it provides instant room freshness


  • It cannot be used on fabrics

If you have children and pets and you are looking for the longest-lasting air freshener, Febreze Freshener is the best fit.

2. Air Wick Chamomile Essential Freshener

The Air Wick Chamomile Essential Freshener is an automatic air freshener plugin. You can use it in different rooms in the house including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and hallways.

The ingredients that make it one of the best house fresheners include lavandin oil, linalyl, linalool, geraniol, isobornyl acetate, coumarin, eucalyptol, methyl dihydrojasmonate and citral among others.

The scent lasts up to 45 days per refill, making it the longest-lasting air freshener for home use.


  • It is easy to use since it is automated
  • It comes with 6 refills per package
  • Fitted with 5 adjustable fragrance settings
  • It combines lavender with chamomile for a gentle scent


  • Contains linalool, geraniol, and citral, which might affect those with allergies

If you are looking for an all-day air freshener for your house that is easy to use, then the Air Wick Chamomile Essential Freshener might just be the right product for you.

3. Citrus Magic Eliminating Freshener Lavender

This brand is one of the strongest air fresheners for home use. It is an aerosol air freshener that uses natural citrus oils to eliminate unpleasant odors in your house.

The freshener is effective for use in closets, basements, living rooms, and bathrooms. Its ingredients are water, baking soda, fragrance, saponified vegetable fatty acid, vegetable-derived odor absorbers, and vegetable-derived emulsifiers.


  • It is made from natural ingredients
  • Safe for pets
  • It eliminates odors instantly
  • It lasts 4 times longer than other fresheners


  • Its scent is too light for large spaces
  • It can leave stains on fabric if heavily used.

For a home that is looking for a more natural way to eliminate odors, the Citrus Magic Eliminating Freshener Lavender is the right air freshener.

4. Renuzit Adjustable Freshener After Ounces

This product is one of the best room air fresheners on the market. With its floral and citrus blossoms scents, the cone freshener will revitalize your house.

The scents are quite mild and, therefore, a good product for people with allergies. Its ingredients include water, fragrance, calcium acetate, carrageenan, acid blue 9, acid yellow 23, methylisothiazolinone, and potassium chloride.

To activate the air freshener, you will need to twist and remove the cover and then adjust the level of the freshener to your preference.


  • It provides a continuous fragrance
  • It is fitted with adjustable fragrance settings
  • A package comes with 6 cones that last up to 30 days each
  • Its gel is biodegradable, making it safe for pets


  • Its efficiency is affected by strong heat or cold
  • It only efficient in small spaces

If you are sensitive to strong scents or you are searching for a safe and mild freshener for you and your pet, the Renuzit Adjustable Freshener After Ounces ticks all the right boxes.

5. DampRid FG60LV Moisture Absorber

The Moisture Absorber DampRid FG60LV 10.5 Ounce is the best-rated room deodorizer. When you open the container and expose the crystals, they absorb excess moisture in a room and thereby eliminate odors.

You can hang it in any room that tends to accumulate moisture for effective deodorizing and a new fresh scent. The product contains 70-100% calcium chloride, <3.0% potassium chloride, and <3.0% sodium chloride.


  • It is economical as one container lasts up to 60 days
  • It does not contain harsh chemicals
  • Refillable
  • It is effective in eliminating musty odors


  • It requires stringent storage precautions, such as keeping it away from strong oxidizing agents, including sulfuric acid.
  • It may cause eye and skin irritation if you are exposed to it for too long

If your house is susceptible to high moisture levels that lead to fabric or item damage, the Moisture Absorber Damprid FG60LV 10.5 Ounce may just be the right product for you. Its highly absorbent nature makes it the best room deodorizer.

Factors to consider when buying an air freshener

Most importantly, before buying an air freshener, there are several factors you should consider.

  • Scent: There is a wide array of scents available, including spicy, woody, and floral scents. You should find the scent that makes everyone in your home comfortable.
  • Delivery of scent: You should consider the best delivery method for your home, especially if you have children or pets. Aerosol cans and hot-air fresheners have different scent delivery methods that cause different effects.
  • Purpose: To find the best air freshener, you may want to consider its purpose in your home. Do you need it for all-day freshness or for a short time to clear certain odors? Such considerations will help you pick the best air freshener.
  • Size of your house: The size of your house will determine the size of the air freshener you need. If your house is small, then you will need a small air freshener and vice versa.


Air fresheners are a welcome addition to our homes as they eliminate odors and provide unique and relaxing fragrances. Noteworthy, there are many brands out there promising different scents. This guide provides you with the best air freshener for home use in the market. Certainly, any freshener of your choice from the above will help eliminate odors and give your home its unique fresh scent.