X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm review

Fires tend to occur in unexpected ways.

For example, a fire could break out from your kitchen appliance or a cigarette bud you forgot to put off. While most fires are small and easy to put out, unfortunately, some cause damage to property and loss of lives.

Therefore, if you do not have a way of detecting a fire before it occurs, you will be looking at huge losses, both financially and emotionally.

You can avoid a disaster by installing the X-Sense XS03-WX Wi-Fi smoke detector. The smoke alarm will alert you once it detects smoke in your home and give you enough time to take the necessary action.

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm connects to the internet using a wireless network. It can detect smoke in your home and send you an alert on your phone even if you are not around.

Thanks to its loud alarm of up to 85 decibels, you cannot fail to get a warning while at home. This smoke detector will notify you directly from your phone if you aren’t around.

If you want to switch off the alarm, you do not have to go to your house. You can easily do it from your phone. Nevertheless, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that the alarm helps secure your home.

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Why you need the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm

X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector with Wi-Fi
You can easily mount the X-Sense XS03-WX on a wall or ceiling. Image: CleanCrispAir

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm is worth considering because it will protect your home 24/7, whether you are around or not.

Unlike traditional alarms, it will give you instant notification on your phone, allowing you to know if there is smoke or a fire hazard in your home. But perhaps the primary reason to install the X-Sense smoke detector is it accurately detects smoldering fires.

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X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector review: pros and cons

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm has several pros and cons.


  • Easy to install and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • It is accurate in detecting smoldering fires.
  • You can silence the alarm remotely.
  • It has a compact design and goes well with the interior décor.
  • It has a self-check function that ensures it works well.
  • Delivers instant notifications to your phone.
  • Comes with a replaceable battery.
  • Easy to set up and does not require any wires to install.
  • Loud enough with a sound level of 85 decibels.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.

You can also control the alarm using your phone, like activating the device or switching off a triggered alarm.


  • It can be slow to react in the presence of minimal smoke.
  • The alarm can also go off without notice, especially if you did not install it well.

How the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm works

XS01-WT detector
The smoke detector in test mode. Image: CleanCrispAir

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm has a photoelectric sensor that uses a light source positioned at a specific angle. If there is smoke in a room, the smoke will agitate and scatter the light in the alarm’s chamber.

The detector will initiate an alarm sequence and alert you of the presence of a fire. You will get information about the presence of smoke in your house via the colored LED indicator and a beeping buzzer.

The buzzer will have constant short beeps, and the LED will flash RED once every second. If you install the alarm in a Wi-Fi network, you will get an instant app push notification to allow you to respond.

What are the features of the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm?

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm has many features, including:

  • Photoelectric sensor: The photoelectric sensor’s function is to detect any presence of smoke in your home.
  • Silence button: The alarm has a silence button that you must press to silence the device after a triggered alarm.
  • Self-check function: The self-check function allows the device to continuously check its circuits, battery status, and electronics to ensure it works well.
  • Lithium battery: The device has a 3V CR123A lithium battery that powers it. You can replace the battery after one year of use.
  • X-Sense Home Security: The alarm connects to the X-Sense Home Security app, allowing for remote control. The app is available for Android and iOS. Scan the smoke detector’s packaging to download the apps quicker.

X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm design and size

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm is a small device that offers the best functionality packed into a streamlined and compact design. The smoke detector is small enough to carry around.

Furthermore, its compactness allows you to mount it on any wall or ceiling in your home. Per this X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector review, the alarm will blend into your home décor.

How much does it cost?

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector is one of the most affordable smoke alarms on the market.

You can buy it from its official store for $39.99 for one pack or from Amazon.

How to install the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector

X-Sense XS03-WX smoke alarm
The X-Sense XS03-WX package contents. Image: CleanCrispAir

The packing comes with one alarm unit, a mounting bracket, two screws, and two anchor plugs. You will also get a user manual to guide you on installing and using the device.

Once you confirm you have everything needed for the installation, follow the steps below:

  • Identify the right place or room to install the device. It could be the kitchen, walkway, bedroom, or stairways. However, the area you install the alarm should be where you can hear it once triggered.
  • Mark two positions on the wall or ceiling. Use the mounting bracket to guide you.
  • Drill holes in the marked positions using a drill bit.
  • Insert the two anchor plugs in the holes.
  • Attach the mounting bracket using the two screws provided.
  • Attach the alarm to the mounting bracket.
  • Turn the alarm clockwise to lock it in position.

At this point, your alarm is ready. However, you have to test it to determine whether it works. Therefore:

  • Press the Test/Silence button on the device.
  • The LED should flash RED three times.
  • You will also hear three short beeps from the alarm.

Once the alarm flashes blue, it is ready to detect any smoke in your home.

How the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector compares with other smoke detectors

The X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector is small and functional. But it is more expensive than the X-Sense XS03 Standalone smoke detector.

An advantage, however, is that you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network and get instant notifications whenever it detects the presence of smoke in your home.

Also, the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector does not significantly differ from the X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi smoke detector. The two devices can connect to the internet and notify you of smoke signs remotely.

X-Sense XS03-WX detector and alarm
X-Sense XS03-WX is Wi-Fi compatible. Image: CleanCrispAir

They are also loud with alarms of up to 85 decibels, and their prices from the official manufacturer are the same. The difference between the two is that you get a technically advanced version when you go for the X-Sense XS03-WX.

If the latest technology is anything to go by, the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector is not as advanced as the XS03-iWX Smart smoke detector.

Although you can connect both devices to the internet, the XS03-iWX allows you to connect similar detectors via the SBS10 base station to create a fire safety network. If one alarm goes off, the rest will also go off.

Is the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector worth it?

The X-Sense XS03-WX is worth having in your home if you want an affordable smoke detector, easy to install and secure your home 24/7.

Furthermore, it accurately detects smoke and notifies you quickly to allow you to respond appropriately.

You’ll enjoy some peace of mind in your home by installing the X-Sense XS03-WX smoke detector. The device is compact and has many features that make it more functional.

For example, you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network and set it up using an app to get instant notifications whenever it detects smoke in your home. It is also affordable as it only costs $39.99.

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