How to troubleshoot X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector

X-Sense XS01-WT is a smart smoke detector that helps you monitor your home for fire hazards.

It is simple to use and very convenient to use. In case of smoke, the detector will not only sound an alarm but also send a notification to your smartphone.

However, like any other smoke detector, it can be prone to a few issues, which can be pretty confusing when you don’t know what is wrong.

X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector’s problems can range from the device not working to false alarms, constant beeping sounds, the app not working, and more.

Some of the problems can be easily fixed, for example, by replacing the batteries. However, others can take a while to figure out what is wrong.

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Common X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector problems

Below are some of the most common issues users face with the X-Sense XS01-WT smart smoke detector

  • The smoke detector does not sound during configuration
  • The smoke detector triggers a false alarm
  • The smoke detector keeps beeping
  • The smoke detector is not connecting to the app

How to troubleshoot and fix the X-Sense XS01-WT

If you are having issues with your smoke detector, below are some troubleshooting tips and solutions you can attempt.

1. The smoke detector does not sound during configuration

When setting up your smoke alarm, you need to run the test program, where it will blink a blue light (test button) and produce a short beep.

If this does not happen, you have a problem that needs troubleshooting.

Check that the battery is installed correctly

X-Sense XS01-WT battery

The first thing you need to do when setting up the smoke detector is to install the battery correctly.

For this, you should open the back cover, remove the battery, pull out the cover on the terminal and replace the battery.

Failure to do this will not activate the battery, causing the smoke detector not to work.

Press and hold the test button

If you press the Test button lightly during setup, the blinking light and beep sound will stop.

You need to press the button firmly and hold it for a few seconds until the smoke detector beeps.

2. The smoke detector triggers a false alarm

Does your X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector keep triggering when there is no fire or smoke?

Below are some troubleshooting steps you should take:

Check on the location of your smoke detector

The smoke detector can trigger when it is placed in some areas. For example, it can trigger if it is close to the cooking area due to cooking fumes.

Other substances that can trigger false alarms include pesticides, air fresheners, hair sprays, and chemicals with strong fumes, insects, and dust.

Ensure that the smoke detector is not close to items like these, which could be triggering it. You can read more about the right placement for a CO detector.

Move the smoke detector away from a humid location

The smoke detector can also be falsely triggered by moisture content, such as steam.

If moisture accumulates inside the unit, its sensors could also malfunction, causing them to trigger without the presence of smoke.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your smoke detector is not in a location that has high humidity. This includes areas such as the bathroom, and close to water sinks, among others.

If the room has a high humidity level, you should use fans, dehumidifiers, or windows to dissipate the moisture.

Clean and maintain smoke detector unit

Accumulated dirt is another reason why your smoke detector could be producing false alarms. A smoke detector can react to dust particles the same way it does with smoke molecules.

Furthermore, once the dust accumulates inside the unit, it can interfere with sensors, leading to false alarms.

Cleaning your smoke detector helps to keep it in perfect working condition. You should do this regularly, about every other three months.

To clean the X-Sense XS01-WT, dismount it and blow the covers and vents using a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a soft brush to agitate and dislodge dirt particles.

NOTE: You should never use water, detergents, or any liquids to clean the unit.

3. The smoke detector keeps beeping

Does your smoke detector keep on beeping? Here are some of the reasons and how you can fix them:

The batteries are running low

Low batteries are one of the primary reasons why a smoke detector keeps on beeping. With the X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector, the unit will flash red and beep once every second if the battery is low.

To replace the battery, simply unmount the smoke detector, open the back compartment and pull out the battery. Install a new one and press the “Test” button to activate it again.

The unit is not working properly

A continuous beeping sound (with the smoke detector flashing red) could indicate that the smoke detector is malfunctioning. Usually, this could be due to something simple such as blocked sensors.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the XS01-WT is clean. If there are any dirt and dust particles on the vents, clean them with a vacuum cleaner. If dealing with a humidity issue, you can use an air dryer to dry out the moisture.

If cleaning the unit does not work, you can try resetting it. To reset, simply remove the battery from the unit to power it off, then return it and press the test button.

If the smoke detector continues flashing red and beeping, it could be faulty, in which case you should contact a technician (or authorized service center if the warranty is still valid).

4. The smoke detector is not connecting to the app

X-Sense XS01-WT app settings

The X-Sense XS01-WT is a smart smoke detector that offers remote notifications through your phone.

However, when setting up the smoke detector, you might have trouble connecting it to your phone app. Below are some troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the issue:

Make sure the smoke detector is close to the router coverage area

To successfully connect the X-Sense XS01-WT to Wi-Fi and your phone, your smoke detector must have a strong signal from your router. Make sure it is close to your router location where the coverage is strong and start again.

Connect the smoke detector to your phone using AP mode

The X-Sense XS01-WT smoke detector comes with two modes of connecting to your app. The EZ and AP modes.

The EZ mode is faster and more automated, which is why most people prefer it. However, some phones do not support the mode, which is why you might be having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Fortunately, you can connect your smoke detector to your phone using the AP mode. Below are the steps to do so:

  • Download the Smart Life App from your phone’s app store and register an account.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to your home network, then to the network configuration page on the app and tap on the “EZ Mode” (top right corner).
  • Select AP mode from the drop-down menu options.
  • Remove the battery cover and insert a sharp object (pin or needle) into the pinhole located in the back of the unit. Press and hold the pin until the unit beeps and starts flashing blue.
  • Go back to your phone and tick the “Confirm the indicator is blinking slowly” then tap on the Next button.
  • Select the device’s hotspot name that pops up and tap on the “Go to Connect” button.
  • Go to your Wi-Fi settings page and connect to the hotspot then return to the app.
  • Once a successful connection has been made, the blue light will stop beeping and the app will add the smoke detector to the home page, where you can now access notifications.


The X-Sense XS01-WT Wi-Fi smoke detector is an excellent smoke detector that allows you to monitor your home for fire hazards.

With the smart connection to your app, you can even receive remote notifications when you are away from home.

However, the device can experience some issues, which can be frustrating, and leave your home unprotected. Fortunately, with the above information, you can troubleshoot and resolve most of these issues.