Who makes Hunter ceiling fans? Everything you should know

Hunter is a fan and lighting company that began in 1886 as Hunter Fan Company. The company makes ceiling fans under the Hunter brand. Initially, the firm manufactured new innovative products that offered an efficient way of keeping people cool.

The company made fans that used a water system to run, whereby steam and energy powered the ceiling fan blades. Today, you can find a Hunter ceiling fan in almost any big box home improvement store and online. But who makes Hunter ceiling fans?

For many years, Hunter used to make its ceiling fans. In 1941, the company focused on producing ceiling fans for U.S. Army Hospitals and moved its manufacturing facility to Memphis, Tennessee, to make more ventilators in 1949.

By 1968, the company expanded its product line to include portable and exhaust fans. In 1995, Hunter acquired Casablanca Fan Company and started producing flywheels and more innovative ceiling fans with a pull chain and variable speeds. Hunter moved its production overseas by 1997.

In 1947, Robbins & Meyers, Inc. acquired Hunter. Robbins was a fan manufacturer based in Springfield, Illinois. As a result, Hunter became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robbins & Meyers.

The company produces residential, commercial, and industrial fans. As of today, the Hunter Fan Company manufactures its ceiling fans under the Hunter brand.

Are Hunter fans made in the USA?

Hunter fans are not made in the USA. The company moved its production overseas after acquiring Casablanca Fan Company in 1997. By 2002, all original fans that the company produced are no longer made in the USA.

If you are looking for locally made fans, here is a list of all fans that are made in America as of today.

Is Hunter a good brand for ceiling fans?

Hunter ceiling fans

Hunter makes some of the best ceiling fans today. The brand outshines most companies in many areas, including:

Build quality

Hunter offers more when it comes to the quality of its fans. The units are durable and boast a limited lifetime warranty.

Perhaps one thing that makes the devices high quality is the motor. It provides for a quiet operation because of the rubber flywheel disc that absorbs shock.


Hunter produces some of the most affordable ceiling fans on the market. You can buy a durable fan for slightly over $100.

Some of the cheapest ceiling fans from the company include:

  • Dempsey Low Profile with Light 44 inch – $149.99.
  • Aerodyne with LED Light 52 inch – $179.99.
  • Hardaway with LED Light 44 inch – $189.99.
  • Spring Mill Outdoor with LED Light 52 inch – $199.99.
  • Crestfield with 3 LED Lights 60 inch – $199.99.
  • Pacer with LED Light 44 inch – $189.99.
  • Grantham with LED Light 60 inch -$249.99.

But the company also makes high-end ceiling fans, including:

  • Warrant with LED Light 70 inch – $499.99.
  • Roswell 16 inch – $599.99.
  • Park View with LED Light 52 inch – $749.99.

You can also get the Rhinebeck 58 inch for $649.99.


Most Hunter ceiling fans can bring unique aesthetics to life. For example, some of these units feature wire-form cages with vintage-style LED light bulbs. The appliances add a modern twist to traditional looks.

In general, Hunter ceiling fans are some of the best to buy if you are looking for aesthetics and functionality. They have precision blades and optimized motors that can achieve better airflow velocity using less energy.

Are Hunter and Casablanca the same company?

Hunter bronze fan

Hunter and Casablanca are the same company. Hunter Fan Company purchased Casablanca Fan Company in 1995 and took over its production line. In 2010, Hunter closed Casablanca’s corporate headquarters in Pomona, California, United States.

Hunter then incorporated Casablanca’s corporate operations into its corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, Casablanca operates as a luxury fan division of the Hunter Fan Company.

Note that Hunter Fan Company also designs, manufactures, and distributes all Casablanca fans.

Is Hampton Bay and Hunter the same company?

Hampton Bay and Hunter are not the same company. Hampton Bay specializes in making ceiling fans, light fixtures, and outdoor furniture. Noteworthy, Home Depot owns Hampton Bay.

How to contact Hunter Fan Company

You can contact the Hunter Fan Company using the following information:

  • Hunter Fans Sales & Support: 1 (888) 830-1326.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Hunter Industrial Support: 1 (844) 593-3267.
  • Casablanca Support: 1 (888) 227-2178.
  • Website: www.hunterfan.com.

You can also use the contact form provided on the company website to submit a request.

Final thoughts

Hunter is a ceiling fan company established in 1886. It specializes in making ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and accessories. Although the company has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, it does not manufacture its fans in the United States.

In 1995, Hunter Fan Company purchased Casablanca Fan Company and took over its production line. Unlike other companies, Hunter ceiling fans are the best in terms of quality build, price, and aesthetics.

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