How to remove mothball odor from clothes and furniture

Mothballs are a great way of protecting your clothes or furniture from moth or mold. Unfortunately, they have one major drawback; the pungent chemical smell they leave behind. What’s worse is the fact that the smell can linger for a long time after removing the mothballs. On top of that, it can spread, making your living spaces uncomfortable.

So, how can you get mothball smell out of your clothes and furniture? Well, there are several techniques and odor-neutralizing agents that you can use. Below, we have compiled the best, which will get rid of the pungent smell with ease.

Top ways for removing mothball smell in the house

Why should you get rid of the odor? Is mothball smell dangerous? Despite being very helpful in protecting your clothes, mothballs contain chemical ingredients. The most common ingredients used are paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene.

With time, they turn from solid into a pungent vapor. If exposed to them for too long, they can cause several health effects such as headaches, dizziness, eye irritation, nausea, among others.

Therefore, getting rid of mothballs odor does not just improve air quality in your home, it can also protect you from health problems. Below are some of the most effective ways that can help you get rid of the smell.

1. Odor removing gels

odor absorbing gel work

Odor removing gels are a popular solution for many a bad odor situation, be it pet litter, mold, smoke, and more. The gels contain molecules (sometimes with fragrance), which gradually evaporate, replacing those of the odor source.

This helps to remove mothball odor, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and pleasing scent. We have created a complete guide on how odor removal gels work.

When it comes to odor removing gels, Fresh Wave Lavender gel is one of the best products to consider.

To use the odor removing gel:

    • Place the gel can near the odor source (for example, in your closet for clothes, or close the affected furniture)
    • Replace the gel with a fresh batch if it evaporates completely

2. Activated charcoal

moso natural

Activated charcoal is another excellent way to get rid of the smell of mothballs. It is basically charcoal that is chemically treated, making it more porous.

As a result, it can absorb high amounts of bad odors (and also moisture), leaving your house smelling fresh. If you have decided to go with activated charcoal, MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag is the best choice.

To use activated charcoal:

  • Place it near the source of the bad odor and leave it to absorb
  • After a month or two, place removes the activated charcoal and expose it to sunlight for about 3 hours (to rejuvenate it). Then, place it near the odor source again.
  • Repeat the process until the odor completely disappears.

Here’s a detailed guide on using activated charcoal for odor removal.

3. Odor removers

We have already seen two odor removing agents: gels and activated charcoals. What about chemical odor removers? Does a product like Febreze get rid of mothball smell? Yes, you can use chemical odor removers.

Popularly known as air fresheners, these odor removers release smell-neutralizing molecules into the air, which get rid of the pungent smells. Usually, they come with scents and fragrances, which leave behind a pleasant scent to mask the odor.

When it comes to chemical odor removers, ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover is a great choice to remove mothball odor. It is unscented and contains no harsh chemicals.

To use the odor remover:

  • Simply spray the air freshener directly to the affected furniture or clothes until the pungent smell is neutralized.
  • If the mothball smell has evaporated into the air, spray the odor remover into the air.

4. Natural odor eliminators

You can also try removing mothball odor from your clothes or furniture using natural odor removers. Some of the top removers you can try include:

  • Vinegar – the acetic acid in white vinegar bonds with bad odor’s molecules, neutralizing the smell. Simply pour vinegar into a cup and leave it near the mothball odor source. In the case of the clothes, you can add a cup of vinegar into the washing machine when washing.
  • Baking soda – baking soda works like activated charcoal; by absorbing odors and moisture from the air. Simply pour it into an open container and leave it near the odor source.
  • Cedar chips – cedar chips can absorb mothball smell molecules, eliminating the odor. They also contain a pleasant scent that helps to mask the odor. To use them, simply place them in your closet, furniture drawers, or close the odor source.
  • Coffee grounds – coffee grounds work just activated charcoal and baking soda; by absorbing the odor. Simply place them near the source of the smell, and they will do the rest.

Wrapping up

Protecting your clothes and furniture with mothballs is great. However, you should not have to live with the pungent odors that they produce. Thankfully, the above odor removers are excellent at remove mothball odor. Furthermore, by removing the mothball molecules, they make your home safer for you and your family.