How does odor absorbing gel work?

Are you facing an odor problem? Whether it is in your home or commercial facility, many types of smells can cause you a nightmare. Some of them can be eliminated easily with natural cleaning products.

However, others like smoke, pet urine and excrement, decaying food, dead pests, among others are pungent and linger even after the best cleaning efforts.

And while there are countless of odor eliminators you can purchase, a good number of them are not ideal. Some do not work, causing the foul smell to linger, while others will neutralize the odor but create another problem; leaving behind a strong and irritating scent.

But what if you could find a solution that both works and doesn’t leave unpleasant scents? This is what odor absorbing gel promises.

How odor absorbing gel works

An odor-absorbing gel is basically an air freshener that eliminates odor. There are two types:

  • Odor control gels that come packed into a container or a packet
  • Odor neutralizing gel beads, which are basically beads made of a jelly-like odor control substance.

The gels are impregnated with a pleasing fragrance, which is slowly released into the air. Over time, the fragrance molecules outnumber those of the foul smell, thus leaving your home or facility smelling pleasant. As the fragrance is released, the gel continues to evaporate.

Odor neutralizing gels are usually made from natural ingredients, with the smell control agents being water, essential oils extracted from plants, and plant fragrances, for example, those extracted from flowers or fruits.

They might also contain coloring to make them more appealing.

How to use odor-neutralizing gels to remove foul smells?

Using odor absorbing gel is quite easy. You just need to open the gel container and place it in the room that needs odor removal. It will work best if you place it near the smelly spot.

As the gel evaporates it will continue absorbing the bad smells in the room until there is none left.

The time take for the gel to work depends on how strong and effective the fragrance is, as well as how pungent the smell is. You can increase their effectiveness with simple solutions such as using a fan to help circulate the air.

This will remove the bad odor particles and spread the gel fragrance faster.

How effective is odor absorbing gel?

A good odor absorbing gel will neutralize even hard remove smells that linger for longer. However, there is one thing to note about the gels, the neutralize the smells, not break the source down.

Therefore, they will only work as long as the smell source, say, for example, pet urine and fecal matter have been removed. Before using them, ensure to clean the room properly, else the smell source will just keep on releasing more pungent molecules.

The most effective odor absorbing gels in the market right now are Fresh Wave, Gonzo and Smells BeGone.

Is odor-absorbing gel toxic?

The issue of toxicity depends on the manufacturer. Most gels are made using safe ingredients such as gelatine, water, essential oils, and other plant extracts. However, it is also possible to find gels that are made using chemical substances.

The latter ones can be toxic, and thus might not be safe for rooms where there are pets and children. Before purchasing one, be sure to read the packaging to make sure that you are not buying a toxic product; there are plenty of safe, organic options in the market

If you are having trouble getting rid of lingering smells, odor absorbing gel might be what you need. These odor control products work continuously, neutralizing the smelly molecules and particulates in the air. The good thing is that they can last up to 60 days or more. Therefore, they offer a passive home and bathroom air freshener solution, unlike most odor control products.