5 best uses of an Ozone generator

What is ozone? You have probably heard of the ozone layer, a protective shield in the earth’s atmosphere, which protects us from harmful sun rays. That layer is made up of ozone, a gas that contains three oxygen molecules.

The extra oxygen molecule in ozone makes it a powerful and very reactive oxidant, which is what makes it a great natural filter for UV rays.

However, this same natural property also means that it can be used for various other functions, from removing odor to killing microorganisms.

Due to the many uses ozone, it is not surprising that many people are purchasing ozone generators nowadays to reproduce the gas.

Top 5 uses of an Ozone generator in a home or commercial space

Ozone generators produce artificial ozone gas that is used in many ways either at home or in commercial premises. The top uses of an ozone generator include:

1. Odor removal

Molecules, bacteria, and particulates that cause bad odor are hard to eliminate. This is because they float in the air, or attach themselves to various surfaces such as clothes, carpets, furniture, etc.

However, an ozone generator is a great odor control agent that can completely eliminate these odor-causing micro-organisms.

When the gas is released into the air, it attaches itself to the odor-causing organism, where the extra oxygen oxidizes them and breaks them down chemically. This neutralizes the smell source, providing you with fresh-smelling air.

Ozone generators are, therefore, very popular in homes or commercial facilities such as restaurants and hotels. You can even find car ozone generators for removing foul odors in cars.

2. Getting rid of mold

Mold growth is not only unpleasant for your home, but it can also be harmful to your health.

Getting rid of it is just as hard as removing bad odors, with many mold removal techniques not being effective. So, do ozone machines kill mold? Definitely!

The ozone gas will react with the mold, breaking down their cells, and hence killing them. The gas will also kill the mold spores and effectively get rid of the source.

However, it does not neutralize the conditions that cause mold to grow. Therefore, you must get rid of them for the mold solution to be long-lasting.

3. Controlling smoke

Smoke is another air pollutant that is hard to get rid of. Whether you are trying to remove cigarette smoke or the pungent odor caused by smoke damage, finding a lasting solution is not easy. Luckily, ozone generators are up to the task.

Ozone gas attaches itself to the smoke molecules, with the extra oxygen atom oxidizing them. This changes their chemical structure, turning them into odorless compounds.

The best thing about ozone gas is that it can penetrate every surface where the molecules are hiding, including fibers in clothes, carpets, and furniture. Therefore, it is a very effective smoke control agent.

4. Destroying allergens

A typical home is full of allergens in the form of dust mites, dust particles, small particulates from plants, and the faecal and organic matter from insects, pests, pets, etc.

These allergens accumulate in the house over time and hide in hard-to-reach places such as carpets, walls, furniture, and so on.

While there are several solutions for killing allergens, ozone generators are amongst the most effective solution.

The gas they release spreads throughout your home, where it interacts with these allergens, turning them into harmless compounds.

This is the reason why ozone air purifiers are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners.

5. Treating water

The extra oxygen molecule in ozone gas makes it unstable and very reactive. Therefore, it interacts with several chemical and organic compounds, which makes it great disinfection or sterilizing agent.

You can, therefore, use an ozone generator to purify your drinking water, where the gas reacts and destroys residual chlorine, metal pollutants, organic contaminants, and other impurities. This, in turn, makes your water safe for drinking and other uses.

An ozone generator can be a great addition to your home, especially since you’ve learned of the many uses of an ozone generator.

From controlling odors to killing mold, neutralizing allergens, controlling smoke odor, and treating water, the possibilities are endless.

However, when using the ozone machines, you should remember that the gas is highly reactive with any organic, including living organisms.

Therefore, you should use the ozone generators properly to guarantee your safety, that of your family, pets, and everyone else who enters your home. If you feel the gas is in excess in your home, there are several ways to remove it.