How to get rid of musty smell in your basement

The basement is an essential part of any house as it provides a space for a wide variety of uses. Despite its vital importance, it often falls short of regular maintenance leading to the accumulation of a musty smell. If this situation describes your basement, there are solutions that you can apply to get rid of it.

Here are the best methods you can use to get rid of the musty smell in your basement.

1. By using activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the most effective musty basement odor solutions. Due to its porous nature, it provides a large surface area for the absorption of any musty smell.

How to use activated charcoal:

  • Find some containers and drill holes on the sides
  • Put in the activated charcoal and leave them open
  • Place the containers in different locations in the basement
  • Allow the activated charcoal to set for a few days

If you use the best activated charcoal, the musty smell will dissipate within a few days. However, should it persist, replace the activated charcoal with a new bag until you are satisfied.

2. Use a dehumidifier

You may have purchased a dehumidifier with the promise it could perform different functions in your living space. But can a dehumidifier get rid of musty smell in your basement?

A dehumidifier can get rid of the musty smell in your basement. It sucks up old air that creates the smell and replaces it with fresh air. It is also handy in eliminating mold that can create the musty smell.

Here are the steps on how to use a dehumidifier:

  • Shut the windows and doors
  • Place the dehumidifier 6 inches away from any wall, preferably in the middle
  • Open all cabinets and drawers
  • Turn on the dehumidifier and let it run for two weeks

A dehumidifier can also help you especially if the basement smells musty in the summer. It achieves this by removing excess moisture to create a drier environment. This eliminates the growth of mold which is a major contributor to musty smells.

3. Using an Ozone generator

Ozone is the go-to treatment for the removal of stubborn smells. Whether you are fighting odors from uncleaned items that have been left in the basement for long or bad smells from decomposing mold, these machines can leave your basement smelling fresh within a few hours.

However, for you to get the most out of it, ensure that you are getting the best ozone generator for home use. Besides, you should familiarize yourself with the safety measures for using Ozone and how to remove it from your home after using the generators to avoid any negative health effects.

4. Using baking soda to remove musty smell from basement

Baking soda is an effective basement odor removal agent that has a high smell-absorbing capacity. Since most musty smells are highly acidic, the baking soda neutralizes these smells, thereby eliminating them.

Steps to follow:

  • Sprinkle some baking powder on the floor
  • For hard-to-reach places, sprinkle baking spray made with water
  • Allow the baking soda to settle for a few days

The longer you allow the baking soda to stay in the basement, the better the results leaving your basement smelling fresh again.

5. Make use of deodorizers

While the musty smell may be accelerated by dampness or high moisture levels, it is also possible to find that a dry basement smells musty. The ideal way to deal with the smell is to use an antifungal deodorizer. It kills bacteria and fungi that grow to create the musty basement smell.

To get rid of the smell spray the walls and floors every few days. By deodorizing your basement you eliminate the growth of fungi and get rid of the musty smell all at once.

6. Ventilation

Increased ventilation can also help you with musty odor removal. By letting in the fresh air, you allow the stagnant air to dissipate and thereby eliminating the musty smell.

Opening the windows and doors continuously for several days when it is dry and cool allows for sunlight penetration and air exchange in your basement. However, do not open when its rainy, hot, or cold as the air in these conditions carry excess moisture. Heightened moisture levels could lead to mildew growth and reoccurrence of the musty smell.

All these methods are working solutions to help you get rid of musty smell in the basement. The application of any of the methods requires patience and consistency. However, the results are worth the wait as your basement will acquire a new, nice, and fresh smell.