How to get rid of basement odor effectively

The basement is often the quiet room that mostly acts as storage in our homes. Due to its location or underutilization, it is susceptible to different odors.  This guide will give you several effective methods to get rid of odor and improve basement air quality.

Mold and moisture are the biggest contributors to basement odor. This is mostly brought about by leaking pipes or after a flood.

6 ways to get rid of basement odor

Getting rid of basement odors can only be easy if you use the right tools and products. If you are wondering what to use, then here are the best methods of getting rid of these odors:

1. Use an ozone machine

The ozone machine is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of moldy smell from basement within a short time. It uses ozone to prevent further growth of microorganisms such as mold spores and effectively get rid of the odor.

Steps to follow:

  • Place the ozone machine in the basement
  • Use the instructions manual to set the machine correctly and then vacate the area as the gas can be harmful to your health.
  • Wait for several hours for the machine to run and kill mold
  • Once the treatment is completed, allow the ozone to dissipate for approximately an hour before going back into the basement. It may be necessary to repeat treatments to avoid redevelopment of the mold.

With many different generators available, you need to be careful when choosing in order to end up with the best. This list of the best ozone generators for home use should help you to find the best products for odor elimination.

2. Using activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is another good basement odor absorber. Not only is it effective in odor elimination, but it is also made from naturally occurring materials which makes it safe around kids and pets. For the best results, use products we’ve featured on our list of the best activated charcoal for odor elimination at home.

Steps to follow:

  • Find plastic containers and poke holes on the sides. (You can also buy such a container with your activated charcoal.)
  • Place the activated charcoal in the containers and take out the lids.
  • Place the containers in different locations in the basement especially where the mold is present.
  • Allow them to remain there for a few days until the odor is gone.
  • If the odor still lingers, refill the containers with fresh activated charcoal and continue the process until all the odor has been absorbed.

3. Use an air purifier

Modern air purifiers come with filters that can keep out very small particles, including odor-causing ones. For you to eliminate basement odors using an air purifier, make sure to get one that is powerful and can cover your entire basement. We recommend the Conway Airmega 300 which is powerful and covers about 1,256 sq. ft.

4. Using white vinegar

White vinegar can also be effective when it comes to absorbing odor from a previously flooded basement. Flooding can occur either due to water leaks or bad weather and the lingering water on the hard surfaces can cause basement odor.

Steps to follow:

  • Mop the water to dry the space.
  • Use a dehumidifier to dry the moisture in the air while allowing sufficient air circulation.
  • Place white vinegar in small bowls in different places around your basement
  • Leave it for a couple of hours for the vinegar to absorb all the odor.

The most effective white vinegar products that you can use for odor elimination are Daily Chef, Organic Matters, and Lucy’s Family Owned white vinegar.

5. Add deodorizer

A dry basement is also susceptible to odor. If your basement smells musty you can apply of the best ways to get rid of the odor which is to deodorize a basement.

Acquire an antifungal deodorizer and spray on the hard surfaces and walls. Repeat the process every few days. The spray will get rid of all the odor in your basement. RadonSeal BioZap is one of the best products for this purpose.

6. Improve air circulation

The final method to get rid of basement odor is to allow consistent air circulation. You can achieve this by opening all the windows and doors in the basement.

It will allow the odor to dissipate as well as dry out any moisture in the basement. It is important to consistently repeat the process until all the odor is gone and to also avoid the odor reoccurring.

By applying the methods above and using the best basement odor removal products, you will get rid of these odors and transform the area into a living space that you will love.