How to cool an apartment without AC

As temperatures rise during the summer, it becomes more apparent that your apartment requires air conditioning.

But if you live in a cool and wet climate, an AC may not be necessary for you. Hot weather can make you feel slow and sluggish.

But is it possible to live without an AC? Or, are there different ways you can cool down a hot apartment without an air conditioner?

You can keep an apartment cool in the summer using different ways. One option is to use a combination of ice cubes and a non-oscillating fan.

Secondly, you can buy a ceiling fan and rotate it anticlockwise.

Another solution is to install a set of cooling bamboo blinds or insulated window films.

6 ways to cool down an apartment without using an air conditioner

Here is a step-by-step guide to the different ways you can keep your apartment cool without an AC.

1. Using insulated window films

Insulated window films offer the best climate control and keep your apartment cool in the summer without an AC. They’ll keep your home warm during the winter and the cool conditioned air in during the summer.

The film will block out the heat from the sun and keep the room cool by retaining the air from the indoor cooling equipment. As a result, it will reduce cold or hot spots and improve overall comfort throughout your space.

Insulated window films come in different varieties. But consider the heat-shrink films stretching across a window frame’s interior.

We recommend the Duck Brand film insulator. Make sure to choose the right size for your windows.

Once you have it, do the following:

  • Choose a window you would like to insulate. Otherwise, you won’t be able to open it when the film is on
  • Remove debris and dirt from all sides of the window
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installing the window film. The procedure might be different for different brands.

Although insulated window films can be expensive to buy outright, they can save money on your utility bills year-round and help you stay comfortable inside your apartment regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

2. How to using bamboo blinds to cool an apartment

Bamboo blinds work well in blocking heat entering through the windows. T

hey allow some air to get into the apartment while blocking most of the heat from outside.

An advantage of bamboo blinds is that you can install them indoors or outdoors to keep your house cool throughout the summer.

Here is how to use bamboo blinds to cool your home:

  • Buy bamboo blinds of the correct size
  • Ensure all the supplies you need to install the blinds are inside the packaging
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the blinds

Some bamboo blinds are simple to install and may only require you to place mounting brackets on each side of the window, fasten supplied screws for each bracket, and fit the slots.

3. Cooling your apartment using a ceiling fan

Honeywell Ceiling fan
Photo: honeywellstore

A ceiling fan can make a big difference in the perceived temperature of a room. They keep the air constantly moving, cooling your apartment down in the process.

But you need to adjust your ceiling fan seasonally to ensure its efficacy. Set the fan to run anticlockwise and at a higher speed during the summer.

The airflow from the fan will create a wind-chill breeze effect, ensuring your apartment stays cooler.

Another option is to use a box fan that utilizes a spinning blade to circulate air and produce a cooling effect. You can place it in different spots, including the floor or open window.

If the outdoor temperatures are too high compared to the indoors, turn the fan to face out the window. It will suck out the warm air from the room. If the indoor air is hot than outdoor, face the fan indoors to blow cold air into the room.

4. How to cool a room with ice and a fan

You can cool down a room fast with ice and a fan without incurring a lot of costs. Unlike other methods, cooling using a combination of ice and a non-oscillating fan is fast.

Here is how:

  • Fill a cooler with ice
  • Place a non-oscillating fan on the floor
  • Point the fan towards the area you want to cool down
  • Place the cooler in front of the fan
  • Turn on the fan

The fan will blow cooler air towards the house as the ice melts. You may have to replenish ice after some time.

5. How to hack windows to cool an apartment

You can keep an apartment cool naturally by opening the windows strategically. The concept behind it is to create a cooling pressure in your room to allow cooler air inside.

Heat or heated air usually rises to the top while the dense cold air moves below. If you have high windows and open them when the indoor temperatures are high, the hot air will vent out.

If you have double-hung windows, open the bottom section of the upwind side of the apartment and the upper section of the downwind side. It will create a low pressure that will suck the air through the apartment.

Another option is to make the outlet openings larger than inlet openings to increase the draft.

You can speed up this process by hanging a wet sheet in front of a window to produce a chill-infused breeze.

6. How to cool an apartment by installing an awning

One long-term apartment cooling solution is installing an awning above your windows.

The awning will shield your house from the sun’s rays. It will reduce the amount of heat your home absorbs when temperatures rise.

What’s your preferred way of keeping your apartment cool?

You can keep your apartment cool in the summer using different methods. The first option is to install bamboo blinds or insulated window films.

You can also use a ceiling fan and allow it to rotate anticlockwise or use a combination of a ceiling fan and ice cubes.

Another method of living without an air conditioner in your home is to open your windows strategically.

Consider opening the top section of your windows on the downwind side of the house and open the bottom section on the upwind side.

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