How to reset a Honeywell thermostat

Honeywell thermostats help to control the temperature of a room by turning on the furnace or the fan when needed. Thermostats are very helpful but can sometimes develop various issues, that may seem difficult to fix. These issues can be very taxing and may result in increased utility charges.

Honeywell has manufactured various thermostat models, including programmable ones, Wi-Fi thermostats as well as heating and cooling thermostats. Constant mishandling of any of these models causes them to malfunction in one way or the other.

Fortunately, you can resolve most of these malfunctions by resetting the thermostat back to its factory settings.

Different Honeywell thermostat models are reset differently. This guide covers the steps you need to reset most of the models.

How to reset Honeywell touchscreen thermostats

When using a touchscreen thermostat from Honeywell, such as the 8000 series model, you can take advantage of its smart response technology to program it for performance and durability.

The Honeywell 8000 series utilizes four AA batteries and is one of the most stable models when it comes to longevity and performance.

To reset this and other touchscreen models, use the following steps:

  • Ensure that the thermostat is turned on
  • On its screen, click on the menu option, scroll down and select Preferences
  • From the sub-menu, choose Restore Factory Defaults
  • A dialogue pops up asking you to verify if you wish to proceed. Select Yes

The thermostat will restart and ask you to provide new information for the initial settings. You can also use this method if you would like to reset a Honeywell thermostat pro series, which is one of the latest models.

The pro series model features a 7-day programmable feature, daylight adjustment and various other smart technology features that automatically determine whether your home needs heating or cooling.

One advantage of this model is that it can send you notifications and alerts in case something unusual happens in the room.

Resetting the thermostat using batteries

For models that do not feature touchscreen capability, you may need to find an alternative way of resetting them. If you have such a model, it may interest you to learn how to reset a Honeywell thermostat after replacing batteries.

To achieve this, you can do the following:

  • Power the thermostat off and detach it from its wall plate.
  • Carefully remove the batteries
  • Replace the batteries facing the opposite direction so that the positive terminal connects to the positive pole and vice versa
  • Leave the batteries in place for approximately 5 seconds
  • Take the batteries out and reinsert them correctly
  • The thermostat will power on and reset to its default settings
  • Fix the thermostat back to the wall plate

This method is commonly used to reset old Honeywell thermostat models, such as the 1000 and 2000 and 7000 series. You can use it on both programmable and non-programmable models.

How to reset Honeywell thermostat without batteries

When it comes to resetting a Honeywell thermostat without batteries, you will need to follow different procedures for each model. Let us look at some reset steps for some of the most common models.

  • Honeywell T5+, T5 or T6: Press and hold down the gadget’s menu until the reset option pops up. Select the option and press OK to reset.
  • Honeywell Smart or Lyric round model: Press the cloud icon. A downward arrow button pops. Click on it continuously to display the reset button.
  • Honeywell 6000: Press and hold down the Fan and arrow up buttons at the same time. Hold these for about 5 seconds and release. Change the number on the left side of the screen to 90, and the one on the right to 1. Press “Done” to complete the reset process.
  • Honeywell 4000: Turn the thermostat on and press the PROGRAM button thrice. Insert a pointed device in the hole on the right side of the thermostat, hold it in place for a few seconds and release it to complete the reset.

Always ensure that you have the right model number for your thermostat before attempting to reset it. Doing this will ensure that you follow the correct procedure for your model.

If the reset process is unsuccessful after attempting the right procedure for your model, find the circuit breaker within your house and switch it off for 5 seconds. Switch it back on and see if this works.

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