Kichler ceiling fan troubleshooting – blades, lights, remote

Ever since its inception, the Kichler lighting company has consistently manufactured quality indoor ceiling fans with lights, outdoor ceilings fans, and a whole lot more electric equipment. All their devices are designed to fit in with your modern contemporary décor thanks to their wooden finishes and gold touches.

One good thing you will notice when going through the Kichler ceiling fan reviews is that their products are designed with the latest energy-saving technology. This means that they help you save on the otherwise exorbitant electricity bills.

However, in as much as their products are of good quality and are very durable, they tend to have glitches here and there. Most of the problems you are eventually bound to encounter can be solved in minutes with the help of a few tools.

So in this article, I have outlined various Kichler ceiling fan troubleshooting tips and solutions to common glitches. I have also provided the answers to frequently asked questions.

Kichler ceiling fan troubleshooting

Just like any other commercial device, Kichler fans require troubleshooting once in a while. Here is how to go about it when:

1. Kichler fan wobbles

If you notice that your fan has a slight or significant wobble, it’s probably because the blade levels are unequal or the screws supporting the fan are not tight enough. Either way, you should;

  • Switch the fan off immediately you notice the wobble
  • Try swaying the fan from side to side to see whether the problem is with the screws on the wall. After installation, If it feels shaky, the problem is with the screws.
  • If so, get your tools and tighten them further
  • If the problem is not with screws, get the blade adjustment kit that comes with the fan
  • Set the speed control of the fan to the lowest function available
  • When the fan is still switched off, place the measuring ruler vertically from the ceiling and measure the distance from the ceiling to any one blade.
  • You should rotate the blade until the next blade is in the same position as the previous one.
  • Repeat the process for all the blades and alter the distance deviation till its equal within a 1/8
  • If it doesn’t work, interchange adjacent blades to redistribute the weight.

2. Kichler fan remote is not working

If you notice that your remote control won’t work, it’s probably because of faulty batteries.

  • First off, remove the batteries to ascertain they have been placed correctly.
  • Place the batteries in another remote and use them to check whether they still work or they need to be replaced
  • If they work, check whether the switch of the fan and the receiver on the remote are o the same frequency.

3. Kichler fan won’t turn on

If your fan will not turn on completely, the problem probably lies with your electricity.

  • Confirm that the man circuit box functions are as they should and that all the circuit breakers and fuses are not burnt.
  • Confirm that all the connection points are as they should and no socket is loose
  • Go to the transmitter batteries and ensure they are put in correctly. Remember, the positive side should be out.
  • If the batteries have not been used for a long time, change them.
  • Otherwise, ensure the batteries have ample charge in the
  • Turn on the fan

4. Kichler fan LED light not working

In a bid to save energy, all Kichler ceiling fan light bulbs are LED. Anyway, If the light stops working;

  • Confirm that the bulb you put is below or is 60 watts. Anything higher will not work.
  • Check to see whether all electrical connecting points are as they should be and are in good condition
  • If not, replace the fuse, circuit breaker, socket, etc. then try again
  • Also, check the settings on the transmitter and make sure they are as the manual says.
  • Please turn it on again
  • If still no luck, try replacing the bulb

5. The ceiling fan turns on by itself

Due to the impressive quality of Kichler fans, you might find that several people in your apartment have the same model as you. This is quite annoying as their remote might turn your fan on too.

  • If so, change the settings of the dip switches and the receiver on the remote to a new frequency.
  • To do this, change the numbers being displayed on the control panel by a notch and reset the remote with the tips given on the ‘how to reset’ segment.

Hopefully, these Kichler ceiling fan troubleshooting tips will come in handy. If you are still experiencing issues, let us know.

Frequently asked questions

Kichler lighting prides in the fact that all their devices are straightforward to assemble. So most people get by with not calling a professional. However, various questions come up frequently, so below are the answers.

1. How do you reverse a Kichler fan?

Since Kichler fans have different models that all have different controls, this solution may not work for everyone, but it will surely work for most.

  • On the Kichler ceiling fan wall control, you will see a large circular object full of different control options
  • You will also notice it has four main control points written fan speed.
  • The southern control point is the one that deals with the fan direction.
  • So make sure the fan speed is reduced to low and then press the southern control point.
  • That ought to reverse the fan direction.


  • Switch off the fan
  • Locate the switch that is on the main body of the fan
  • Flick the switch to the opposite direction
  • Turn the fan on again

2. How do you reset a Kichler fan?

Sometimes the settings you had previously chosen stop working for you. Don’t worry as you can always reset and start again. Here’s how;

  • Press the button written stop on the control panel to top the blades.
  • On your remote control, open the battery casing to reveal the numbers label.
  • Alter the numbers that have been set there by pressing the directions button either up or down.
  • Turn off the electricity connecting the fan straight from the main circuit box
  • Give it a few minutes then turn it on again
  • The fan has now been reset, and you can input your new settings.

In conclusion

To ensure the utmost safety, make sure the main switch is off before conducting any repairs on your Kichler ceiling fan. The above-detailed article will help you troubleshoot any glitches you might encounter. If not, then it might be time to call in a professional.

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