How to get rid of fish smell from the house after cooking

Fish is a high-ranking delicacy in most households for its unbeatable taste and nutritional value.

However, very few are left impressed after preparing and enjoying delicious tuna, salmon, or any of your favorite fish due to the odor it leaves behind. In fact, the fish smell may linger in the entire house for days after cooking.

However, the fishy stench shouldn’t force you to lose out on the nutritious value of fish. Below are several quick and easy fixes to help get the fish smell out of the house.

1. Simmer up a neutralizer

One of the cheapest ways to deal with the stench will be to neutralize the fish odor with something else. Here are a few methods you can use to remove fish odors using natural methods:

  • Pour some water into a pot and add a few cinnamon sticks or lavender; then simmer until the sweet smell eliminates the fish smell.
  • Also, you could add half a cup of vinegar to a pot of water and let it boil. The vinegar smell though annoying, will dissipate in a few minutes.
  • Slice a couple of citrus or lemons and throw them in a pot of water, then bring to a simmer. Your hose will be filled with a fresh citrus smell in no time.

2. Use an air purifier or oil diffuser

Thanks to technology for air purifiers and diffusers, they are a quick and effortless fix to remove fish smells and other odors from the kitchen.

The best part is they also help get the fish smell off your clothes and fabrics.

  • After you are done cooking, plug in an air purifier in the kitchen and let it run for a few hours to do the trick. Ensure to use air purifiers that are optimized for kitchen odors.
  • Pour in a few drops of your favorite oil scent in an oil diffuser immediately after cooking, and the fish smell will dissipate.
  • If you cannot afford the above technology, a bag of activated air-purifying charcoal also works wonders in absorbing the smell and is more affordable.
smelly fish

3. Light a candle

Aside from setting a chilled ambiance, burning odor-neutralizing candles after cooking will help prevent fish odor days after cooking.

  • Go for a chef’s blend of sweet-smelling herbs or fruits, e.g., patchouli, lavender, apricot, and sandalwood. If not, any non-scented candle can also do an excellent job, albeit slower. You can light the candle just before cooking to prevent the smell in the first place.

4. Clean as you go

The leading cause of a lingering fish smell is mostly utensils used to prepare and the surfaces the fish was rested on. To get rid of fish odor from utensils and kitchen surfaces:

  • Make a light paste of baking powder and water, then apply it on all the surfaces the fish came into contact with. It also works well in removing fish smells from the fridge.
  • Get a lemon-flavored disinfectant from the store, or make a homemade one by throwing a bunch of peeled lemons in soapy water. Use the disinfectant to wipe down the baking powder and wash the utensils used in the preparation.


Fish is a delicious meal, but many people shy away from prepping it in the house because of the lingering smell.

However, if you know how to get fresh fish and prepare it well, then the burden will be less. Follow the above tips, and you will never have to endure that rotten fish odor again.