Best replacement remote for Hampton Bay UC7078T ceiling fan

Is your remote for the Hampton Bay UCT7078T ceiling fan receiver lost or damaged? The receiver allows you to control various functions of the fan with ease.

Without a remote, these features would be impossible to enjoy, and your lights and fan would be stuck in one setting. Luckily, there are several replacement remotes for Hampton Bay UC7078T.

Unfortunately, choosing the best replacement remote for your fan can be a daunting experience. Lucky for you, we have created a detailed review of some of the top Hampton Bay remotes for the uc7078t model.

Things to look out for when buying a Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote

With so many options, choosing a replacement remote for model uc7078t is anything but easy. However, you can have an easier time choosing the right product by considering the following factors:

1. Quality

When picking a replacement remote, the last thing you need is a poor-quality product that will malfunction after a few days of use. Therefore, you should look for quality products that will guarantee long service.

2. Ease of use

Ease of use is another important factor to consider. Don’t choose a replacement remote that comes with too many functions, outside those of the original remote. The product you pick should also be easy to install, especially if you are programming it.

3. Affordability

Cost is an important consideration with any product you choose. Don’t go for something too cheap such that it is poor quality, or too expensive, thus causing you to waste money.

Best replacement remotes for Hampton Bay uc7078t receiver

The best remotes you can get right now are:

1.Hampton Bay remote control UC7078T with reverse

This is one of the top replacement options for the Hampton Bay UC7078T ceiling fan. It comes with various function buttons: light on and dimmer, fan on/off, and fan speed control (low, medium, and high). As a bonus, it also has a reverse button, which changes the airflow direction.

One thing to note about the remote control is that it is not universal. However, it is a great option due to its affordability, which saves you a lot of money (if you were to purchase a brand new remote from Hampton Bay).

2.Hampton Bay UC7078T remote with up down light

A genuine replacement remote that comes with Hampton Bays logo stamped on the front, and the UC7078T on the back. For the fan control, it features a power button and three fan speed control buttons: low, medium, and high. It also comes with two light control buttons – an up light and downlight.

The remote control does not have a reverse button for the fan. It also lacks a designated light dimmer button. However, it makes up for it with the two light control button. Pressing and holding either of the buttons will also dim the corresponding lights.

3. Eogifee ceiling fan remote control

Eogifee ceiling fan remote is another great replacement remote for Hampton Bay UC7078T. It is a universal remote that can be used with other models such as the Harbor Breeze fans.

It comes with two types of button controls: Fan (power on/off and fan speed control – low medium, and high) and light systems (up light and downlight).

4. Anderic replacement universal remote control

The Anderic remote is a universal replacement remote for a wide range of ceiling fans, including the Hampton Bay UC7078T model. It comes with FAN OFF, LO, MED, and HI buttons for controlling the fan, and UP LIGHT and DOWNLIGHT buttons for light control. It also features a 1-year manufacture warranty.

Are Hampton Bay remotes universal?

Do you have other brands or models or ceiling fans in your home? If so, it might not be cost-effective to purchase a single remote for each of them. A universal remote can thus be a life-saver, helping you avoid extra costs.

Most of the original and replacement Hampton Bay remotes work with other models of ceiling fans, if they have similar receivers, and fan and light system controls.

On top of that, Hampton Bay (through Home Depot) also markets a universal remote control – the Hampton Bay Premier. This model is compatible with most down-rod ceiling fans with a receiver.

How to program a Hampton Bay remote?

Another great feature of Hampton Bay remotes is their programmability. This means that you can program it to control your ceiling fan, even if it is not designed specifically for it. Below is a look at how to do it:

  • Remove the battery cover of the remote and locate the dip switches (usually labeled No 1-4 in most remotes)
  • Using a screwdriver or a pointed object, slide the dip switch to match the combination of your ceiling fan receiver
  • Insert the battery into the compartment and replace the cover.


Are you searching for a replacement remote for a Hampton Bay UC7078T ceiling fan receiver? The above are some of the great options to consider. These models are easy to use, affordable, and durable. Some of them even come with additional functionalities, such as uplight and downlight control and reversing of the fan directional. Pick out one of them for easier and stress-free control of your ceiling fan.

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