Winix air purifier troubleshooting – complete guide

Winix air purifiers remove dust, bacteria, mold, viruses, and other pollutants from the air in your home. Research indicates that indoor air is often 10 to 30 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Having a Winix air purifier prevents your family members from inhaling these harmful substances into their lungs.

Winix features in our list of the best air purifier brands. However, like any other device that improves the quality of indoor air, you may experience several problems with your Winix air purifier.

These may range from sensor malfunctions to unnecessary shutdowns and filters producing an unpleasant smell.

By understanding the basic troubleshooting processes for your Winix air purifier, you can easily resolve most of the issues associated with the device.

Let us look at some of the common problems and the steps you need to take to fix them:

The Winix purifier won’t turn on

After connecting the Winix purifier to a power source and pressing the power button, it is the expectation of everyone that their device will automatically turn on.

However, this may not always be the case due to either a loose power code or a damaged power outlet.

If a Winix air purifier won’t turn on, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the purifier’s power cord from the current outlet and plug it in a different outlet. If the purifier turns on, then the power outlet was the problem. If it doesn’t work, there could be an issue with your power rating.
  • Set your power outlet to the correct rating and try connecting the purifier one more time to see if it works. In case it fails to work, the power cord could be damaged, and you may need to replace it.
  • If the purifier is still not working even after getting a new power cord, discontinue using it and contact the manufacturer’s support team for more guidance.

If the sleep mode won’t turn off at all, follow these steps:

  • Completely shut off the air purifier and unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on.
  • Allow the purifier to run in sleep mode for at least five minutes before setting it into auto mode.

The purifier needs a reset

When using a Winix air purifier, you may encounter instances that require you to reset it to resolve a problem. One such instance is after replacing the filters.

If you do not reset the device as required, it may stop filtering the air in your home properly and you may end up becoming victims of various health problems.

Here are the steps you should follow during a reset:

  • Turn the purifier off and disconnect it from the power outlet
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Connect the device back to the power source and turn it on
  • Use a thin object like a pin or paper clip to press the reset switch on the purifier for about 5 seconds. The reset is now complete.

What if the Winix air purifier keeps going off by itself?

A Winix air purifier might go off by itself if the plug may be loosely attached to the outlet, the power source may be unstable or you might have set the device to get into sleep mode automatically without your knowledge.

Each time you press the MODE button, the purifier will toggle between the auto, low, medium, high, turbo, and sleep settings.

When Sleep Mode is activated, the Air Quality light is disabled and since the fan speed is quite low, you may think that the purifier is switched off.

To resolve problems with the device shutting off automatically, do the following:

  • Check the power cord to ensure that it is securely plugged into the outlet
  • Make sure that there is power going to the outlet, and that there is no power outage within your area
  • Verify that you have not set a timer for the purifier to get into sleep mode. If it is, press the MODE button to cancel it

Contact customer support if these steps do not resolve the issue.

The purifier has an unpleasant smell

When your purifier is new, it will have a plastic smell during the first few days of using it. If you turn it on and it starts smelling like burning plastic or if it produces any other unpleasant odor, take the following actions:

  • If the purifier smells of smoke, dust, or any other odor, clean the pre-filter, filter, and air intake on both sides. Also, check whether it is located close to the sources of such odors and eliminate them accordingly.
  • Once the filters absorb dirt and other substances to their maximum capacity, they will always produce a dusty smell. When this happens, it is recommended that you replace the filters. You can purchase these from the manufacturer or any other store that sells specific parts for your model. Cleaning a filter that has absorbed a maximum amount of dirt will get rid of the smell.
  • Other unpleasant odors may indicate a dirty pre-filter. In this case, follow the steps in your user manual to disconnect the pre-filter, wash it, and place it back into the purifier. You can use either tap water or a vacuum to clean it depending on the purifier’s model.

The Winix air quality indicator stays red

The Winix air purifier’s indicator emits different lights to mean different things. Five minutes after turning the purifier on, the indicator lights green if the air quality is good.

An orange light indicates increasing levels of air pollutants while a red light signifies poor air quality. The purifiers often adjust speed settings depending on the air quality, resulting in different colors.

To troubleshoot the Winix air purifier with a red indicator light, do the following:

  • Check whether the red color is on the indicator at the center of the control panel, or the filter.
  • If the light is from the control panel, the air in your room is of poor quality and unhealthy for breathing. Leave the purifier on and increase the fan speed to maximum settings. Doing this will ensure that the purifier treats the air faster. Once the air normalizes, the indicator light will change to a green color.
  • If the red light is on the filter’s indicator, it means that the filter is not working optimally and needs to be cleaned or replaced. Follow the instructions on the device’s user manual to replace it with a new one.
  • Once you replace the filter, remember to press the reset button next to the filter indicator light to restore the purifier to its working state.

How to replace a Winix filter

Failing to replace Winix true HEPA filters can reduce the efficiency of your purifier significantly. As a result, your indoor air may not be cleaned properly and this can cause health problems such as allergies, skin problems, and other chronic illnesses.

To maximize the air purification process in your home, it is essential to replace the filters regularly. You should also go for reliable filters. Here are some of the best on Amazon. We’ve also created a detailed guide with the best Winix replacement filters for different models.

Fortunately, the replacement process involves the following simple steps:

  • Place your hand on top of the air intake cover and pull it away from the purifier to remove it. You can unplug the device from the power outlet before carrying out this step although it is not necessary.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the air intake screen and detach it from the purifier by placing your fingers on top of the hinges and gently pulling it away from the device
  • Remove the activated carbon pre-filter from the purifier, then the True HEPA filter by pulling it away from the purifier. Throw this in the garbage bin.
  • Insert the new filter into the empty space on the device. Ensure that the arrow on the top of the filter points towards the purifier and away from you.
  • Insert a new activated carbon pre-filter into its empty space right in front of the HEPA filter.
  • Reattach the air intake screen and the air intake cover by pressing them back into position.

Winix air purifier has two blinking lights

Sometimes when you turn the purifier on, it starts working in auto mode before starting to flash two fan lights, then it suddenly stops working. This occurs as a result of a faulty white inner HEPA filter or outer black carbon pre-filter.

The solution to this lies in identifying and replacing the faulty filter. Once you change the filter, you can stop the light from blinking by holding down the reset button for about five seconds.

How to reset a Winix air purifier filter

There is a difference between resetting the purifier and resetting its filter. You need to reset the filter each time its light sensor has a problem.

To reset the Winix air purifier filter:

  • Press the filter button and hold for 3 to 5 seconds
  • You will hear a beep sound as the filter light indicator shuts off
  • If you are replacing the filters, do it at this point
  • Turn the purifier back on

Hopefully, with these troubleshooting tips, you will be able to identify and fix troublesome issues with your Winix air purifier.