Vornado tower fan troubleshooting guide

The Vornado tower fan is one of the most powerful fans you can buy.

It can produce a higher volume of air movement and push it as far as 100 feet away. But like many fans, the Vornado tower fan experiences some issues from time to time.

For example, the fan stops working even after powering it up or shows a red light.

When the Vornado tower fan stops working, it could be due to things such as dirt accumulation or complex issues such as a damaged motor.

But these are not the only reasons.

Why the Vornado tower fan is not working

Your Vornado tower fan is not working probably because of any of these issues:

  • Overheating.
  • Damages to specific parts of the fan.
  • A dead battery.
  • A foreign object has obstructed its air inlets.

Vornado tower fan

How to troubleshoot the Vornado tower fan

Depending on the problem, there are different ways to troubleshoot a Vornado tower fan. I’ve listed the different issues and provided troubleshooting steps for each of them.

1. Vornado tower remote is not working

The function of the remote is to help you control the Vornado tower fan from the comfort of your couch.

Each Vornado fan remote has a 3-volt lithium coin cell battery. If the remote isn’t controlling the fan, it could be that the batteries are dead. Troubleshoot as follows:

  • Check that you have installed the batteries correctly concerning polarity.
  • Check whether the battery is dead. If the battery is dead, replace it with a new 3-volt battery. Ensure to use the correct battery to avoid problems.
  • Ensure that the remote has a clear line of sight path. That way, the signal will travel from the remote to the fan.

Also, it is helpful to position the fan so that the receiver lens above the unit’s logo is visible from the remote.

NOTE: The battery comes packaged separately. Therefore, check whether it is installed in the remote.

When installing the battery, clean the contacts and those of the fan. Then, remove any plastic protection from the battery and insert it into the remote with the positive (+) side facing outwards.

2. Vornado tower fan is not producing enough air

The Vornado tower fan should produce enough air to cool a home. If it fails to create sufficient air and circulate in a room, troubleshoot the issue as follows:

  • Ensure you have set the fan to the highest setting for maximum air circulation.
  • Give the fan more time to circulate the air in the room. Consider waiting for at least five minutes.
  • Check the air inlets and outlets to ensure that no foreign object prevents them from blowing air.
  • Check for dirt or dust build-up in the grills since it may affect the fan’s functioning. Therefore, consider cleaning the front grill and fan blades regularly.

It is also good practice to position the fan at least six inches away from walls or large surfaces. It should also face the direction you would like to cool.

That way, the fan will have enough room to intake air and provide optimum performance.

Vornado tower fans come in different designs and may not function in a similar manner. For example, the Vornado models 154 & 184 create a wide span of airflow called V-Flow Circulations.

When placing it for air circulation, please take note of the logo because it indicates the center point of the V-Flow airstream. Use the logo as a reference point for positioning the fan in a room.

3. Vornado tower fan won’t turn on

Power issues are among the most common problems users encounter with Vornado tower fans.

For example, your fan may keep turning off abruptly for no reason. Here are some things to do to fix it.

  • Ensure you have plugged the unit into an electrical outlet.
  • Plug the power cord tightly because a loose fit between the wall outlet and plug may cause overheating. The plug can also become distorted.
  • Ensure the unit is not damaged or does not require any repairs. If the Vornado fan repairs are necessary, take it to an authorized dealer or use your warranty.
  • Check whether you have a frayed or exposed wire.
  • Check whether you have a blown fuse that requires replacement.

If replacing a fuse is necessary, you should do it carefully to avoid damaging the entire unit.

Follow these steps to replace the fuse.

  • Power off the fan before proceeding.
  • Disconnect it from the electric outlet.
  • Use a small flat-head screwdriver to slide open the fuse cover.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the fuse and lift each end.
  • Use the screwdriver to install the replacement fuse.
  • Gently push each metal end of the fuse into the receptacle one at a time. Avoid pushing on the center of the fuse since it is fragile and may break.
  • Slide the fuse cover using the screwdriver to close.

Ensure the cover fits in the plug completely and that no part sticks out. Then, you can plug the unit into the wall outlet and power it on.

4. Fan controls are not working

The Vornado fan has many fan controls, including a power button, timer, and fan speed. If the controls do not work, check whether dust or dirt has accumulated around the buttons and wipe them.

When cleaning the fan:

  • Unplug the fan from the power outlet.
  • Use a soft brush to dust off the tower.
  • Wipe down the machine before.

Avoid using gasoline, solvents, thinners, or other chemicals when cleaning the Vornado tower fan.

Furthermore, it is unnecessary to oil the motor because Vornado has permanently lubricated it.

5. Vornado tower fan keeps beeping

The reason why the Vornado tower fan beeps may not be apparent is because of your model. However, beeping may result from a malfunctioning fan, overheating, or when it is shutting off.

The beeping may also occur if the fan is dirty. If you can’t spot an apparent reason, consult an expert to find a solution.

Vornado tower fan


6. Vornado indicator lights are on, but the fan is off

Depending on the model, your Vornado fan may show different indicator lights. For example, if you activate the timer, the indicator light will turn orange.

If you leave the time adjustment mode, the orange indicator light turns white.

However, the control panel may be faulty when you find that all three Vornado indicator lights are on, but the fan is off.

Therefore, contact an expert or use your warranty for repairs or replacement.


You can troubleshoot your Vornado tower fan depending on the issue at hand. For example, if the remote control is not working, check whether the battery is dead or replace it.

Alternatively, ensure the remote has a clear path to the tower fan. Also, if the fan is not producing enough air, ensure to turn the highest setting of maximum air circulation or remove objects from the air inlets and outlets.

But if your tower unit does not turn on, check the power cord to ensure you have plugged it into a wall outlet or inspect whether the fuse is blown.