How to clean a Lasko tower fan (DIY)

While in operation, your Lasko tower fan can accumulate dust and debris in the blade and filters which can reduce its efficiency. It, therefore, requires cleaning from time to time to maintain its functionality.

If you are wondering how to go about it, this guide will show you how to clean a Lasko tower fan. However, before you get started there are precautions to take for your safety.

Precautions before cleaning

  • Turn of your Lasko tower fan
  • Unplug it from the power outlet to avoid any accidents.
  • Use protective gear to protect your eyes and nose from the dust released from the fan.

With these precautions in mind, the next step is to disassemble your tower fan correctly.

Directions on how to take apart a Lasko tower fan

Check the manual that comes with your fan for any special instructions. Here is a general step by step guide on how to go about a Lasko fan disassembly:

  • Identify and unscrew all the screws by turning anticlockwise to detach the fan from the plastic. It is important to keep the screws in one place to avoid misplacement.
  • Separate the control panel from the fan panel.
  • Disassemble the fan blades by reversing them in the opposite direction
  • Remove the stand to make easier to lay it down.

There are images and a step by step guide for this process in your fan’s manual.

Items you will need for cleaning

    • A dust brush or vacuum brush attachment
    • A warm cloth dipped in soapy water (If you will clean using water)
    • An air compressor
    • Optional: A dust repellent spray like Endust.

How to clean a Lasko fan

You can clean the tower fan in two ways:

  • Using warm water and a cloth
  • By using a brush and an air compressor

How to clean using water

  • Dip a clean cloth in some warm soapy water and gently clean the grills and blades.
  • Wipe the other parts of the fan with the damp cloth until it is completely clean.

Be careful not to pour water on the fan’s power connectors or other electronics. Your focus should be on the grills and blades.

How to clean using compressed air

  • Brush the exterior: Using a dust brush remove any debris and dust that may have attached itself to the exterior of the casing. A vacuum brush attachment is recommended to prevent scratching of the casing.
  • Use the air compressor: You will use a vacuum compressor to clean the interior. Lay the fan down gently and aim the canister into the interior, then release the air to blow off the dust inside the panel. Move the canister from side to side to cover all the areas.

How to clean a Lasko fan filter

If you would like to clean the fan filter only, here is how to do it:

  • Using a brush, clean the grill. This will release all dust in its interior.
  • Use a damp cloth dipped in warm soapy water, alcohol, or vinegar to wash the fan housing.

Once you’ve finished the cleaning, spray parts that are prone to dust with Endust. This will enable them to repel dust and prevent instances where they get dirty quickly.

Reassemble the blower fan

When the cleaning is done, put back the control and fan panel and lock them with the screws. Reattach the plastic casing and the base accordingly.

Plug it into the power outlet and let it run for a few minutes. Check how it works; if everything is fine, you can enjoy the breeze.

Lasko blower fan cleaning is easy and only takes a few minutes. A clean Lasko tower fan will not disappoint as the cool breeze will make your day, and you wouldn’t worry about it blowing dirt and debris in your way.

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