Stihl leaf blower: Problems and troubleshooting tips

A Stihl leaf blower is one of the best tools for homeowners or professional landscapers who want to clear large amounts of leaves or dirt from their lawns, walkways, or footpaths.

Stihl offers different blowers, including battery-powered, gas-powered, and handheld leaf blowers.

The machines are not only powerful in blowing leaves but are also efficient and long-lasting.

However, depending on the Stihl blower you use, you may encounter a problem whereby the machine stops working. You’ll have to find a solution or fix it.

Generally, you may encounter different issues with the Stihl leaf blower. For example, you may find that the Stihl blower is not blowing hard or keeps cutting out.

Furthermore, you may experience an issue whereby the machine does not power up despite having enough gasoline or battery power.

When such things happen, the leaf blower has a problem that needs fixing.

So, what are the common issues with the Stihl leaf blower, and how do you troubleshoot or fix them?

Troubleshooting a Stihl leaf blower

Your Stihl leaf blower can stop working because you have not maintained it. It can also fail to start because it does not have enough battery power or gasoline.

But since Stihl has different types of leaf blowers, the issue affecting your machine could be specific to it.

Here are some common problems with the Stihl leaf blower and troubleshooting tips.

1. The engine is not running well

You may notice that the engine is not running properly or is not providing enough power to blow away the leaves.

In most cases, the problem could be a dirty air filter that requires cleaning.

In addition, the engine will not run well if you have not adjusted the carburetor. Therefore, clean the air filters and adjust the carburetor.

Alternatively, a contaminated or carbonized muffler can also cause an unusual running behavior on the engine.

In that case, take the leaf blower to an authorized Stihl servicing dealer to check on it.

 A man holding a Stihl leaf blower
Image by: STIHL

2. Stihl leaf blower not starting

If the Stihl blower is not starting, the first thing to check is the spark plug.

The spark plug could be why the engine is down on power, not starting, or runs poorly at idling speed.

A solution is to change the spark plug, primarily if the blower has run for more than 100 hours. You should change the spark plug if the electrodes are eroded.

Things like the wrong fuel mix, excess engine oil in the gasoline, and dirty air filters can also affect the condition of the spark plug.

3. Stihl blower is not blowing hard

It can be frustrating if the Stihl blower is not blowing hard despite the engine running. This problem usually comes from:

  • Clogged carburetor
  • Flooded engine
  • Overused or old fuel
  • Damaged spark plugs
  • Clogged fuel filters

You can solve this issue by troubleshooting your Stihl leaf blower each step at a time. For example, clean the carburetor if it is dirty or clogged.

Also, consider draining the engine, adding new oil, and using fresh fuel. Another solution is to change the spark plugs and clean the fuel filters.

4. Stihl blower keeps cutting out

You may notice that whenever you start the blower, it powers up nicely and runs for a few minutes before stopping or cutting out suddenly.

If the Stihl blower keeps cutting out, several things might have caused the issue, including:

  • Clogged carburetor
  • Old fuel
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Dirty air filter
  • Damaged spark arrestor

You can start fixing this issue by replacing the fuel, mainly if it has stayed in the tank for more than 30 days. Old fuel can clog the carburetor and stall the engine.

Alternatively, clean the carburetor using a carburetor cleaner. An extreme option would be to replace the entire carburetor.

You can also consider cleaning the spark arrestor using a wire brush. If there is too much erosion on the spark arrestor, change it. Other steps you can take to fix this issue include:

  • Replacing a clogged air filter.
  • Draining the old fuel from the fuel tank.

You can also replace the fuel filter and see whether it will fix the issue.

5. Stihl leaf blower has a fuel problem

When you run the fuel tank of a Stihl leaf blower completely dry, the machine will have some issues once you refuel it.

You may even have trouble starting it. Therefore, if you refilled the blower with the proper fuel, consider the following:

  • Press the fuel pump bulb at least five times and repeat the procedure even if the bulb has enough fuel.
  • Set the choke to the recommended position for the engine temperature.
  • Start the machine again.

Whenever you use a Stihl leaf blower, ensure you have 50 parts of gasoline and 1 part oil. If the mixture is lower or higher than 50:1, the machine will have problems starting.

6. Check the ignition coil

You need to check the ignition coil regularly.

The function of the ignition coil is to send enough voltage to the spark plug as the engine runs.

However, if the ignition coil is not working or defective, the blower engine will not start, run, or may cut off at some point.

Therefore, ensure the ignition coil is not damaged or defective. You should also check the spark plug to determine whether it is working well.

You can also use an ignition coil tester to test the ignition coil. If it is defective, consider replacing it.

If you have no idea how to check the ignition coil, find an expert for the Stihl backpack blower troubleshooting process.

7. How to troubleshoot Stihl blower battery issues

Stihl offers battery-powered leaf blowers for users who do not prefer gasoline blowers.

If your Stihl battery blower is not working, there may be no electrical contact between the blower and battery. Consider troubleshooting the issue as follows:

  • Remove the battery. Always remove the battery when inspecting the blower.
  • Inspect the electrical contacts in the battery compartment and on the battery. Ensure there is no erosion or carbonization. Otherwise, consider cleaning the contacts with a wire brush.
  • Reinsert the battery and try again.

Stihl leaf blower

If the battery-powered blower cuts out during an operation, the LED light on the machine will glow red.

Unfortunately, that also means the battery is too hot or cold, or the blower is too hot.

Remove the battery to allow the blower and battery to cool down at an ambient temperature of about ten degrees Celsius.

8. How to troubleshoot a malfunction in the Stihl battery

You will know whether your Stihl battery has malfunctioned if the LED on the charger flashes RED. The best remedy is to remove the battery and then reinsert it into the charger.

Remove the battery from the charger if the LED continues to flash RED. However, if you notice four LEDs on the battery flashing, the battery has malfunctioned. You must replace it.

Alternatively, take the machine to an authorized Stihl dealer for further servicing.

Stihl leaf blower troubleshooting summary

Your Stihl leaf blower can encounter some problems and stop working. But unless the problem is severe, you can troubleshoot an issue to find a solution.

For example, if the Stihl electric leaf blower won’t start, check the spark plug to ensure its electrodes are not eroded. Otherwise, change the plugs if you cannot clean them.

Also, ensure to use the proper fuel, clean dirty air filters, and clean the carburetor to fix most issues with the machine.

However, if you cannot fix a problem on your own, consult an authorized Stihl servicing dealer for further assistance.

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