What smells deter dogs from peeing or digging?

Are you just about fed up with the persistent stench of dog pee in your house or the health hazards that come with it?

Or is your furry friend turning your perfectly manicured yard into a mini-war zone by leaving big holes that could permanently hide one of your shoes, if not both?

Well, the simple answer to your problems could be on his face, his nose.

Since dogs are known to have a strong sense of smell, you can use this heightened trait to your advantage to deter them from peeing indoors or digging outdoors.

“How do I do this?” You ask. Well, there are scents that dogs can’t stand, and by introducing them to your home, you can eradicate these annoying behaviors.

Since dogs are good at recalling smells, they will avoid areas with scents they despise.

What smells deter dogs from peeing or digging?

Here are the most powerful dog-repellent smells to help prevent dog pee odors from taking over your house.

1. Citrus


You can use citrus for dogs with the nasty habit of peeing elsewhere except their potties. It is one of the safest and strongest smells dogs hate and can help them stop peeing in awkward places.

The oils found on the peels of fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes irritate a dog’s respiratory tract making it a powerful smell-repellent.

There are a variety of ways you can utilize citrus fruits. The first one is taking some peels and placing them in the areas inside your house notorious for dog pee.

Another way is putting the peels in a food processor for shredding to release the oils, creating a stronger repellent for indoor use.

Sprinkling these peels in your yard will also help discourage your dog from digging into the ground.

Finally, you can make a spray concoction by mixing water with citrus fruit juice and spraying it in on the problem areas inside your house.

2. Vinegar

“What smell do dogs hate to pee on?” you wonder. On an acidic sprinkle of vinegar.

Due to its strong scented nature, vinegar is quite repulsive to dogs. Besides, vinegar is one of the best odor removal and cleaning agents.

Pour water into a spray bottle, add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar, and shake well. Alternatively, you can use a spray of white vinegar.

The spray will keep the dog from peeing in its notorious spots inside the house without harming them.

3. Hot peppers

Hot peppers, including jalapenos, permeate odors that dogs hate due to their heightened sensitivity to spices.

You can create a deterrent by grinding the peppers to release their chemical compounds and mixing them with water to create a spray solution.

Find and spray around the problem areas in the house and yard. Be careful not to spray the mixture on your dogs, as it may cause respiratory problems.

Should you notice extreme sensitivity, grind the peppers without the seeds or the white veins.

Alternatively, if you catch your furry friend as they head for a pee in the unauthorized spot, holding up a pepper towards them will act as an instant repellent.

They will smell the powerful spice compounds and quickly turn away.

If the pepper smell finds its way to your upholstery or car’s interior, you can clean it using dishwashing soap.

4. Essential oils and vinegar

essential oil

If you are still looking for ways to repel dogs, here is a combo of ingredients that will prove helpful. We have established that a citrus scent is a natural deterrent.

Combined with vinegar and water, essential oils made from these citrus fruits will achieve even better results.

Acquire one citrus essential oil which could be either lemon, orange, or grapefruit. Find a new 12-ounce spray bottle and put in 1 ½ cups of water. Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and shake well.

Add 20 drops of your preferred citrus essential oil to the mixture and shake it well.

Spray on the dog pee spots inside the house to repel them. The mixture is cost-effective as you can store it indefinitely.

5. Ammonia

Ammonia is also one of the smells that deter dogs from peeing in the house as its pungent smell quickly overwhelms the dog’s nostrils.

Mix equal parts of water and ammonia in a bottle and spray in the problematic areas. The heavy smell will keep the dog away.

And if you are wondering what smells dogs hate that can make them stop digging on your yard, this scent is the right choice.

You can dip cotton balls in ammonia for the lawn and place them in the notorious grounds to deter them from digging. The smell lingers for a while, making it a very effective repellent.

6. Chili/cayenne ground spice


Chilli and cayenne spices emit strong scents dogs don’t like as it causes nose and eye irritation. It is an efficient deterrent for dogs that love digging in yards.

They work well because the sprinkled powder sticks to the soil, discouraging dogs from digging the ground without harming plant life.

For large areas, you can pour the powder into small sacks and place them strategically in your yard and watch them avoid the area completely.

Prevent your dog from peeing or digging with ease!

Dog pee can be irritating to live with and can be embarrassing if you love entertaining guests in your home.

If your troubles don’t come singly and your dog digs up your yard at every opportunity, this list will help you find functional solutions to these problems.

The above smells have been proven to stop dogs’ unwanted behaviors by yielding excellent results.

So, go ahead and choose your tool of war and reclaim your home using these smells to deter dogs from peeing.