How to seal a portable window air conditioner

Having trouble installing a window seal for your portable air conditioner? Or are you considering the old duct tape method? Well, you are in the right place.

A good window seal can help keep your room cooler. And while the duct tape method is practical, it is not always the best choice, not to mention it is unsightly. Thankfully, several other window seal options are practical, efficient, and even appealing.

How to install a window seal for your portable air conditioner

When making a seal, there is one important consideration to make; the type of the window. There are generally two types: casement and sliding windows. Follow any of these guides based on the window you have.

Portable air conditioner seal for a casement window

Casement Window air con seal installation

If you have a casement window, the best solution is to use a window sealing kit that lets you separate warm and cold air. The Hoomee window seal kit is a great option that you can find at just under $20.

Follow these steps to install a casement window seal for a portable air conditioner:

  • Start by measuring the size of your window to determine the size of your kit.
  • Purchase the appropriate kit for your window – it will come with a cloth, Velcro straps, and cable ties. It will also come with an installation manual.
  • Use a window cleaner to clean the window frame as well as the window casement.
  • Take Velcro straps and stick it on the window casement.
  • Next, stick more Velcro straps on the side of the window frame – where it meets with the casement when closing. Make sure to test that your window is closing perfectly.
  • Take the cloth and stick it one end (with the wide part) to Velcro straps on the window frame.
  • Stick the other end of the seal cloth to the Velcro straps on the casement
  • Open the zipper on the cloth and stick out the hose of the air conditioner.
  • Tighten around the hose with the provided cable ties creating a tight squeeze

With the hose fitted, the seal is in place, and you can now use the air conditioner.

Note that you are not just restricted to using Hoomee. In fact, there are many other options available. Just make sure to check out their reviews before you buy.

Portable air conditioner seal for sliding windows

Homee sliding window seal

There lots of seal kits for sliding windows on the market. The Hoomee Adjustable Sliding Window Seal for a portable air conditioner is a great choice.

To install a sliding window seal for a portable air con:

  • Measure the height of your window (for a window that slides from side to side). For a window that slides from top to bottom, measure the width.
  • Purchase a seal kit that is appropriate for your window size – it will have a window seal, a hook tape, and cable ties.
  • Slide open your window, creating a gap of about 20 cm. (Note, the kit is only 25 cm wide, so you won’t be able to work with it if the window gap is too big)
  • Depending on the size of your window, cut the hook tape (where you have adjustable lengths)
  • Stick one end of the hook tape on the window sash and the next on the frame
  • Next, apply the window seal firmly onto the hook tape.
  • Open the zipper of the seal and fit through the hose pipe of the air conditioner.
  • Close the zipper, then tie the hose using the provided cable ties until you have a snug fit

Note that you are not just restricted to using Hoomee. In fact, there are many other options available for sealing sliding windows. Just make sure to check out their reviews before you buy.

Wrapping up

A portable air conditioner can be a great asset to your home during the hot months. However, without a proper seal, you will have a hard time cooling your home. On top of that, due to the extra work involved, your energy bills might become too high. However, with the above kits, you can use your portable aircon without any worries.