How to reset an Emerson / White-Rodgers thermostat

The White-Rogers digital thermostat uses the latest technology of a solid-state microcomputer to offer precise time and temperature control in your house. It is more flexible and can give you the heating and cooling options that fit your needs.

But in some cases, you may encounter an issue with the thermostat whereby it stops working or the voltage spikes. When that happens, the first thing you should do to troubleshoot the problem is to reset your White-Rodgers thermostat.

But Emerson/White-Rodgers thermostats come in different models. That means each unit has a slight variation in the reset procedure. Also, there is no reset button on a White-Rodgers thermostat that you can use to simplify the process.

You can start by referring to the user manual on resetting your specific device. Once you reset the thermostat, you can begin programming it again. We’ve explained below how to reset different White-Rogers models.

When to reset an Emerson thermostat?

A reset is necessary if you notice the following:

  • A voltage spike
  • A static discharge blanks out the display
  • Erratic thermostat operation
  • No Heat, No Cool, or No Fan
  • Heat, Cool, or Fan runs constantly

But not all instances require you to reset the unit. Solutions could be as simple as changing the batteries or as complex as calling a technician for further assistance.

Here are a few and the best causes of action to take:

  • Blank display and keyboard not showing: Replace batteries and check heat/cool system for proper operation.
  • The thermostat does not follow your program: Check your current clock and program settings.
  • Heat, Cool, or Fan runs constantly: Start by checking each wire connection to verify they are not shorted or touching together. You may have to contact a technician if the condition persists.
  • The thermostat produces no heat and no Pilot light: Re-light pilot light.
  • The thermostat setting and thermometer do no align: Adjust the thermostat thermometer settings to +/- 4 degrees.

Some issues are so complex that they require you to service the cooling system or replace the thermostat. If you also notice a possible short in the thermostat, wiring, heat, cooling, and fan system, contact a technician or the manufacturer for further assistance.

How to reset different Emerson / White-Rodgers thermostats

Here are ways of resetting different Emerson/White-Rogers thermostats:

1. Emerson 1F78 thermostat

Emerson 1F78 thermostat
Image: Emerson

To reset an Emerson 1F78 thermostat:

  • Press Up and Down simultaneously while moving the System switch from Off to Heat
  • Wait a few seconds. The display will blink and the thermostat will reset

When that happens, your thermostat settings will be back to factory default once it no longer displays the time.

Once you reset a White-Rodgers thermostat, you will have to program the unit again to continue using it.

To program your Emerson 1F78 thermostat:

  • Press Time
  • Using Up or Down, set the Hour
  • Use the same button to set minutes. Ensure the time says AM or PM
  • Press Time again to set the day
  • Press Run to finalize the setting

How to set the backlight on the Emerson 1F78 thermostat:

  • Press Time and Run simultaneously until d-L appears on the screen
  • Press Up or Down to turn On or Off the backlight
  • Select Run again to finish the setting

Your thermostat should start working again. All you have to do is to set the temperature to your liking.

2. Emerson 70 series

To reset an Emerson 70 series:

  • Press Up, Down, and Time buttons simultaneously
  • Give your thermostat a few seconds to restart

You have now reset your thermostat to defaults.

To program and set time on your Emerson 70 series thermostat:

  • Press Time once to view the Hour
  • Press and hold the arrow buttons until you reach the correct hour
  • Go to Time again to switch to Minutes
  • Press and hold the arrow buttons until you get the accurate minutes
  • Press Time again to show the Day of the week
  • Use the arrow buttons to reach the current day of the week.
  • Press Run once.

At this point, the display will alternate between the correct time and room temperature. You can now proceed to set the heating program and others.

3. Emerson 80 series

Emerson 80 series thermostat
Image: Emerson

If you own an Emerson 80 series thermostat and you want to reset it, here are the steps to follow:

  • Press Menu and Backlight simultaneously until the display goes blank
  • Wait for a few seconds for the reset to complete.

Once done, you will have to program the unit again, starting with time and then temperature.

Note: If the thermostat batteries are working well but the display is blank or the thermostat is not responding, reset the thermostat by removing the batteries for two minutes.

A reset will not change the menu settings or program. If the condition continues after reinstalling the batteries, replace the thermostat.

To program an Emerson 80 Series thermostat

  • Press Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Press Up to choose your programming options

Your options are zero, five, or seven days. Consider the 5-day program settings for this procedure.

You can start by programming the heating schedules using the steps below:

  • Slide the System switch to Heat
  • Press Menu, then press Next to enter the schedule.
  • The Time icons on the screen will begin to flash. That will be the time that each period will run.

If you want to set the temperature, do the following:

  • Press Menu to access the temperature settings
  • Use the arrow buttons to set the temperature for the current period

Note: There are four periods of a day you can set. These are Wake (P1), Leave (P2), Return (P3), and Sleep (P4).

  • Press Menu to advance to the Weekend periods.
  • Repeat the scheduling procedure for Saturday and Sunday.

Once you have programmed for each day, the thermostat will display END.

You can program the cooling schedule for an Emerson 80 Series thermostat through these steps:

  • Slide the System switch to Cool
  • Press Menu and repeat the same steps as outlined above.

Once done, your thermostat will be ready to use.

When you want to program an Emerson thermostat, the trick is to use the slide switch. It will allow you to set the temperature and cooling system.

You will then have to use the arrow buttons to complete the steps.

4. Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat
Image: Emerson

To reset an Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat:

  • Remove the thermostat faceplate from the wall
  • Remove the AA batteries
  • Wait until the display screen is blank
  • Re-insert the batteries
  • Place the faceplate back on the unit.

Your thermostat will reset after a minute. The procedure can also be different if you have any of the Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat models. These include 1F95U-42WFB, and 1F95U-42WF.

In this case, do the following:

  • Press Menu
  • Go to About Thermostat
  • Press Factory Reset

Your thermostat will reset to factory defaults. Once done, you will have to program it and start anew.

5. Emerson Blue Series 12 inch

Emerson Blue Series 12 inch
Image: Emerson

You can reset your Universal Blue Series 12 inch thermostat using the steps below:

  • Remove the thermostat from the wall plate
  • Remove the batteries for two minutes
  • Wait for the reset to complete
  • Re-insert the batteries
  • Return the thermostat to the wall plate

The above steps work well if you own models 1F95-1277, 1F95-1280, 1F97-1277, and 1F95-1291. If you have a single-stage, multi-stage, or heat pump model, the procedure for resetting the thermostat will vary.

If your thermostat is on indefinite hold, press Run Schedule to correct the issue and continue with the program.

6. Emerson Blue Series 2 inch

Emerson Blue Series 2 inch
Image: Emerson

To reset the Emerson Blue Series 2 inch thermostat:

  • Press Up, Down, and Time simultaneously.
  • The display will go blank for a few seconds.
  • After it reappears, your thermostat will reset.

Note that the settings will go back to factory defaults.

Depending on the model, you can simultaneously press and hold the Up, Down, and PRGM buttons. Also, ensure the system switch is in Cool, Heat, or Emer before proceeding.

The above procedures can work for models 1F80-0261, 1F80-0224, 1F86EZ-0251, 1F86-0244, 1F82-0261, 1F89EZ-0251, and 1F89-0211.

Have you reset your Emerson thermostat?

You can reset an Emerson thermostat using different methods. Depending on the unit, remove the batteries from the device and reinsert them after two minutes.

Alternatively, press the UP, DOWN, and TIME buttons simultaneously to reset the thermostat to factory defaults. After the reset, you will have to program the unit and start afresh.

Use the slide switch to choose your settings. Also, ensure you have the correct time before proceeding.

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