How to remove charcoal stains from carpet

If you own a decent fireplace, you may want to clean it for quick use, especially during winter. However, the mere thought of getting your limited edition carpet with black stains can be disheartening. But fear not, here’s a quick guide on carbon stain removal to help you get rid of graphite from carpets; should the need arise.

What you will need

Steps to clean charcoal stains from your carpet

There are two known methods known to get rid of charcoal stains or removing graphite from carpets. Whichever you chose depends on your will power to make the stain disappear.

First method

Follow these steps to remove charcoal stains from your carpet:

  • Vacuuming the affected area: After gathering all the tools needed, the first step forms the basis of how long you’ll spend in the carbon stain removal process. Be sure not to spread it all over or press it further into the carpet’s bristles as this will prove troublesome later. Simply use a vacuum with great suction force to whisk all your problems away
  • Creating the concoction: Knowledge in chemistry is not required here as the process is rather easy. Depending on how big the graphite stain is, simply add a sizeable amount of detergent or dry cleaning solvent to lukewarm water. Make a foam
  • Testing: Each one has unique tastes and color preferences. The type of detergent/solvent used could have adverse repercussions on the carpet and may change its look entirely. Be sure to test the foam on a small section of the carpet, preferably its edges where less attention is drawn.
  • Brute force: Using a toothbrush, scrub the affected area from the edges while working towards the center. Add form if you must and dry it up with the clean cloth or sponge. Repeat the process until the stain disappears then leave the carpet to dry.

If the above method doesn’t work for you or if you are looking for an alternate solution, try the method below.

Second method

Using the ingredients above, try out the following method to remove charcoal stains from carpet:

  • Creating a reaction: Use the absorbent by sprinkling it directly onto the stain then leave it for about an hour. Vacuum everything up into the suction and prepare for the next phase.
  • Brute force: Using the cleaning the cloth or sponge, wet the charcoal stain with dry cleaning solvent and put your back into it.
  • Blotting: Get rid of the excess solvent by using the sponge to absorb it. Repeat this process until the stain completely disappears then dry the carpet once more either by vacuuming or letting it dry naturally.
  • The final step: Give yourself a pat on the back and rest easy knowing you’ve done it. Be sure to be careful next time when using charcoal as the stain removal process can be rather hectic.

Always be sure to remember…

The faster you deal with the stain; the less time you are likely to spend in the brute forceful removal stage. Always use an acceptable amount of force while cleaning the carpets as god-like strengths can abrade the fibers or worse; cause fading upon your beautiful carpet.