DIY: How to make homemade carpet cleaner powder

You need to vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Areas that experience heavy traffic tend to get dirty from time to time. If left without cleaning, the carpet will look unsightly. Frequent cleaning helps to prolong your carpet’s lifespan.

It also prevents the buildup of gritty particles. Before vacuuming, many homeowners use cleaning solutions like vinegar, solvents, ammonia, and detergents. But you can also use a homemade carpet cleaner powder to get the same results.

A few sprinkles of homemade carpet cleaner powder can remove dirt from the surface. You first need to apply to the dirty areas before vacuuming.

The idea is to give your carpet some freshening in between steam cleaning or shampooing. The baking soda carpet freshener will mask odors and remove some stains with some scrubbing.

If you want to make a homemade powder carpet cleaner, follow the steps below.

How to make homemade carpet cleaner powder

The ingredients you will need to start the process are:

Preparation instructions

  1. Pour the baking soda into a mixing bowl. Break up any big chunks that have come together using a whisk. That will ensure the other ingredients will blend well.
  2. Add the borax and the salt into the sodium bicarbonate and mix them.
  3. Add the essential oil to the mixture. Make sure to sprinkle it on the powder to prevent clumping and mix them.

After the mixing, the powder should have a pleasant scent. The next step is to put the mixture in a jar or a container.

The salt will help to keep the powder nice and dry. Borax acts as an alternative to a commercial cleaning product. When you mix borax and sodium bicarbonate, you will get a mixture for cleaning surfaces in your home. The two ingredients will also make your carpet smell good.

You can also make homemade carpet freshener using dried rosemary or other herbs in place of essential oils.

Make sure you do not use brightly colored or dark essential oils. The bright colors have the potential of staining your carpet.

How to use the DIY homemade carpet cleaner powder

After storing the powder in a jar, the next step is to use it. The best way is to sprinkle it on the carpet. Spread a thin coat on the entire floor to avoid clumps.

Allow the natural carpet freshener to sit on the surface for at least ten minutes. Ten minutes is enough to allow the mixture to absorb odors.


The last step is to vacuum your floors. You do not want to leave the powders on the surface for long.

Vacuuming will remove the excess dirt and leave it clean.


In most cases, storage will depend on how much carpet air freshener you have made. If you make a little to use once, you do not need to worry about storage.

But if you make lots of DIY carpet deodorizer powder, you can store it in a pyrex tub or a mason jar shaker.

Once you know how to make a carpet freshener or cleaner, you will be able to keep it fresh all the time. But freshening up a carpet will mostly depend on the ingredients you use to make the product.

If you make a homemade carpet cleaner powder, ensure to add some fragrances so that it can double up as a freshener.