Rainbow RainMate review: does it clean the air?

The benefit of having an air purifier is it can improve the quality of air in your home. It eliminates airborne pollutants, germs, and smoke and prevents problems they may cause. But not all air purifiers are effective.

So, does the Rainbow RainMate really work in purifying indoor air? Or is it among the ineffective ones?

The primary function of the Rainbow RainMate is to handle dust and odors. It can also help freshen your immediate surroundings, whether in the house, car, or office.

However, the unit does not remove 99.97% of airborne particles. But it is useful in deodorizing, humidifying, aromatizing, and purifying the air in your home.

Rainbow RainMate review: Overview

Before we go into the details, here are some pros and cons of the Rainbow RainMate:


The Rainbow RainMate has many advantages. These include:

  • It works quietly.
  • It helps to trap dust particles from the air.
  • You can use many scents to aromatize indoor air.
  • It can cover a room of up to 500 square feet.
  • It is easy to maintain.

The RainMate is also better than a vaporizer or diffuser for essential oils.


The negatives of the air purifier are:

  • It does not eliminate mold spores and germs.
  • It is less effective in getting rid of smoke and other particles.

The unit also requires frequent cleaning and topping up of water.

How Rainbow RainMate Works

Rainbow RainMate

The Rainbow RainMate combines an air freshener, humidifier, and deodorizer. It also has a small clear chamber that uses pure and freshwater.

The device uses centrifugal force to circulate scented air into the surroundings. The force creates a mist in the form of water vapor and disperses humidity and the scents used in the water.

That happens because air flows into the swirling water bath. It then returns clean and fresh air into the room.

Features of the Rainbow RainMate

Some of the best features of the device include:

1. Filtration System

The filtration system helps to trap dust and odors from the indoor environment. As a result, that helps to eliminate pollutants from the air, freshen, and clean it.

2. LED Light

The LED light works by illuminating the water basin. It also functions as a nightlight that provides enough light in the dark.

You can set it to low or high brightness, depending on the time of the day.

3. Water Bath

The function of the water bath is to hold the water and fragrances of your choice. You can add as many assorted scents as possible.

Some of the rainbow RainMate scents you can include in the chamber are:

  • Tea tree mint
  • Mandarin rosewood
  • Orange
  • Pine
  • Spice
  • Lemon
  • Violet
  • Gardenia

You can also put exotic scents like orange ginger and lavender juniper.

Is the Rainbow RainMate a humidifier?

The Rainbow RainMate works as a purifier and humidifier. It releases water vapor in the air to increase moisture levels.

You will only breathe fresh and humidified air when you use fresh water in the bowl.

Can you put essential oils in RainMate?

Rainbow Rainmate scents

You can use both essential oils and fragrances in the device’s water bath. But when doing so, ensure to add up to five drops of your preferred essential oils.

Also, consider only those recommended by Rainbow RainMate. The list is available on the company’s website.

How to clean a Rainbow RainMate

Here are the steps of cleaning the Rainbow RainMate:

  • Turn off the unit and unplug the cord from the wall bracket.
  • Empty the water bowl.
  • Use soap and a sponge to wash the water bowl.
  • You can also use some vinegar and water and soak the bowl. It will help to remove the hard water stain.
  • Rinse the unit and allow it to dry.

Once it dries, refill the water bowl with fresh water and only use the recommended fragrances. For best practices, clean the basin thrice a month or when the hard water stain forms on the sides of the bowl.

Also, avoid washing it in a dishwasher because it is not safe to do so.

How much does the Rainbow cost?

The unit has different prices in most online stores. To know how much you will part with if you were to buy it today, check its latest price on Amazon.

Although the price is higher than many air purifiers of a similar size, the advantage is you are getting a device that combines an air purifier, freshener, and humidifier.


The Rainbow RainMate can refresh your home and remove dust and other air pollutants. But it does not work well in getting rid of particles as small as 99.97%. However, it is useful in deodorizing, humidifying, and purifying the air in a room.

Because of these factors, this Rainbow RainMate vacuum review gives the device a rating of 4.30/5.0.

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