Does ozone kill mold and mildew?

According to a recent UNICEF report, the cost for treating conditions brought by mold and indoor dampness is on the rise. Mold is also responsible for lowering property resale value. Most buyers wouldn’t want to look at a property twice once they spot the presence of darker spots on the walls.

Mold, which grows in damp areas and warm areas, is fortunately controllable. One way that has been in use in recent times is controlling mold using ozone. And most homeowners often wonder if this is true.

Effectiveness of ozone in mold removal

Does ozone kill mold? Yes, ozone gas has been scientifically proven to kill mold. The gas produces a chemical reaction when it encounters mold particles, which ends up destroying mold.

However, you should take precaution when using ozone to control mold. This is because the gas can be harmful to animals and human beings if they are exposed long enough. Ensure to read the manual and evacuate the area before you start using the machine.

How to use an ozone generator in mold reduction

Ozone mold remediation is a highly technical process. Overexposing mold to ozone gas may affect the health of people around you. On the other hand, low levels of mold do not yield better results. In this case, therefore, moderation on how you use the ozone generator is key.

The following is a systematic guide on how to use the mold generator effectively.

  • Let the ozone generator run for three to six hours. This time is ideal for a standard room.
  • Switch off the generator afterwards
  • Do not allow anybody near the property for the next two hours.

After two hours, you will still be able to smell ozone —which has a similar smell to a thunderstorm. The main reason why it is vital to stay out of your property for two hours is to give ozone enough time to convert back to oxygen. The timeframes above are vital, both for the process efficiency and for your health.

For the best results, you have to use the best ozone generator for mold control. You should also select one that can spread ozone over the entire square footage of the area you want to operate.

When should you consider other alternatives in controlling black mold?

The success rate of using ozone to control mold is more than 70%. The control approach is, however, not ideal in the following cases.

  • If the mold spores affect a large section of your wall, it is advisable to look for alternative methods to eliminate the fungi.
  • Ozone can only control fungi that are alive.
  • Even though the ozone generator for mold control is safe, the levels of the gas are hard to control. if you are unsure about how long you should expose the mold to ozone, looking for a safe alternative is advisable.

Keep your home mold-free

Ozone is an ideal element for controlling and killing mold in your property. However, following the timelines and precautions -as discussed above- is critical, both for better results and for your safety. If used correctly, ozone generators are a perfect way of giving your home and property a higher resale value as well as preventing illnesses brought about by mold.