Do smell-proof bags work? Everything you need to know

Many people have touted smell-proof fabric or plastic bags as essential items for keeping dry fruits, herbs, coffee, or tobacco safe and odor-free at home or when traveling.

The bags are also a favorite for cannabis users since they are touted to prevent weed smell from leaking.

But smell-proof bags can do much more than storing your stash, mint, spice, or food. They can also store your items and be your medical dispensary.

Do smell-proof bags work?

Smell-proof bags work quite well to conceal odors and prevent them from leaking out. Their effectiveness may vary from one brand to the next since it depends on the technology used in their manufacture.

Each material or component used in making the bag has a role in keeping the smell of a substance inside the bag. This means that every part of the bag, from the fabric to interior lining is made of odor-proof or odor removal materials.

Smell-proof bags with activated charcoal work better than many other materials. Activated charcoal is porous. It will attract gases inside the bag, trap, and neutralize them.

Ideally, only three things make smell-proof bags work 100% of the time. These are:

1. Choice of material

Different materials can make smell-proof bags, including nylon, synthetic fibers, leather, cotton, bamboo, merino wool, linen, hemp, or a blend of various fibers.

While all can conceal odors inside, leather and nylon are the best materials worth considering.

2. Enclosure

The zipper is crucial in determining whether a smell-proof bag will permit odors to escape.

Most smell-proof bags use dual zippers to seal the bag tightly. But others use Velcro to offer an airtight seal to the bag.

3. Lining

The inner lining comes into direct contact with the item stored in the smell-proof bag. It is the first line of defense in preventing odors from coming out.

In addition, most bags have an activated carbon lining that helps absorb and neutralize the odors. Some bags have only one layer of lining, while others have up to three layers.

Which is the best odor-proof bag?

If you are looking for an odor-proof bag, these are the best options available:

1. Firedog Smell Proof Bag

FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag

The Firedog Smell Proof Bag is, without a doubt, the best carbon bag for odor control. It is made from ultra-soft PU leather that is lined with premium activated carbon.

The bag uses non-woven fabric that offers superior multipurpose odor protection. It also has a velcro closure to keep the surrounding areas smelling fresh.

Firedog smell-proof bag has two compartments that allow you to organize and separate your items. Aside from odor-proofing, the bag also guarantees some level of security because it comes with a combination lock.

You can use the bag to store different contents, including weed, money, and medical items.

2. Ozchin Smell Proof Bag Pouch

Ozchin smell proof bags

The Ozchin Smell Proof Pouch makes use of an odor-absorbent fabric and advanced carbon-fiber technology to prevent smells from escaping.

Made from matte leather and a 600D water-resistant oxford cloth, you can be sure that the bag will keep the smell on the inside. Besides, it can help keep your items fresh and flavorful for a long time.

The pouch has tightly sealed dual silicone zippers and velcro stitched inside to ensure enhanced odor control. Furthermore, it can secure your valuables from unwanted access thanks to its combination lock.

3. Ozchin Smell Proof Bag File Organizer Case Container

Ozchin Lock Lunch Bag File Organizer Case Container

The Ozchin Smell Proof File Organizer Case features advanced carbon linings that prevent smells from escaping.

The password lock bag is large enough to store different items, including food, documents, and strong-smelling commodities. Furthermore, its storage capacity makes it easier for you to organize all your favorite items in one place.

The bag is tear-resistant and comes equipped with a heavy-duty zipper. In it has a combination lock to secure your items.

Is carbon lining the best for smell-proof bags?

Smell-proof bags effectively keep odors inside because of the activated carbon lining.

Carbon has microscopic tunnels that trap the odor compounds. Therefore, the lining will eliminate odors inside the bag.

Can a K9 smell through smell-proof bags?

A K9 can smell through a smell-proof bag and even figure out the contents inside. For example, if you put marijuana inside an odor-proof bag, the dog will know it is marijuana.

However, dogs will find it harder to smell anything if the bag is airtight. It is worth noting that a K9 can only smell through the bag if it has undergone training to detect the contents inside an odor-proof bag.

Are smell-proof bags airtight?

Smell-proof bags are mostly airtight. By preventing air from leaving the bag, it means that odor particles won’t escape either. However, some odor removal materials allow for the bag to remove odors without being 100% airtight.

It is worth noting that some scent molecules can escape from airtight bags. The main cause is usually the material used to make the smell-proof bag being able to prevent some odors but not others.

Can bears smell through odor-proof bags?

Bears have the best sense of smell on earth. Their ability to smell is so acute that they can detect an animal carcass upwind from a distance of around 20 miles away.

Therefore, because of their powerful sense of smell, one must assume they can smell the food in a bag, including an odor-proof bag.

Bears may be able to smell through some odor-proof bags, especially those that aren’t airtight. Therefore, if you are looking to hide something from a bear, make sure to use an airtight bag.

Do weed dispensaries use smell-proof bags?

Many weed dispensaries use odor-resistant containers and smell-proof bags for packaging their products. The bags provide privacy and protection while keeping the weed in good condition.

Furthermore, the odor-proof bags have a lining designed to offer a soft touch to the marijuana and cushion it from impact. This way, it maintains its quality.

But the most crucial role of the bags is that they lock in the freshness of the weed until you decide to use it.

How to smell proof a bag using charcoal

If you do not have activated charcoal, you can use regular or grill charcoal as an item to smell proof your bag.

  • Put a handful of regular charcoal into a fabric or nylon bag
  • Wrap your contents in a piece of paper to prevent them from mixing with charcoal
  • Place your contents inside the bag
  • Seal the bag

The method will work well if your bag has a compartment to separate the charcoal and your item.

If you do not prefer regular or activated charcoal, you can use other substances like coffee beans or grounds, tea, incense, or essential oils.