Do ozone generators really work for hunting?

The deer hunting season is finally here. You know you need a better plan to get rid of your scent if you want better hunting success. Incorporating the use of an ozone generator for hunting may prove to be just what you need.

But, do ozone generators really work for hunting? Yes. They get rid of any odor especially, from your body and clothing. This, in turn, keeps you undetectable.

The ozone scent control mechanism has revolutionized hunting. This means that human scent is no longer an impediment to hunting.

How an ozone generator works

Your body odor has chemicals that deer can smell from far away. To eliminate the odor, the ozone generator alters these chemicals making you scent undetectable. This will give you the protection you need throughout your hunt.

The most popular type of ozone generator used in hunting is the battery-powered generator. It is a machine that is powered by lithium batteries. You can even plug it in the cigarette lighters while in the car to eliminate any car scent on your clothing.

While hunting, you need an ozone generator that is continuously powered up. Ozone has a small shelf-life and dissipates quickly. Therefore, ozone needs to be constantly regenerated for your entire hunting trip.

Types of ozone generators

You’ll get to use any of the following types of ozone generators for hunting:

1. Professional ozone generators

It is a big generator that produces large amounts of ozone to eliminate odors.

If you decide to use a professional ozone generator for hunting, then you need to exercise extra caution. Using a separate location to run the generator is one safety measure you can take.

Remember that overexposure to high levels of ozone gas can harm your body system.

2. Portable ozone generators

These are tiny, sometimes handheld, ozone generators that can be used for a variety of reasons including removing odors from cars or during hunting. They are cheaper than normal generators but can’t be used for odor elimination in commercial places or homes.

What is Ozonics?

Ozonics is a brand that is renowned for producing small ozone generators. An Ozonic scent eliminator is a scientifically-proven machine, according to the manufacturers, that works quite well for hunters.

If you have been researching about hunting, you’ve probably heard about this brand or their best product, Ozonics HR-230 scent elimination device, which is effective.

The device consistently produces the right amount of oxidant needed for a certain amount of time. The oxidant then bonds with your scent chemicals and eliminates it.

You can put it on top of a tree stand or a ground blind. The quick mounting allows you to get straight into your hunting.

Can deer smell Ozonics?

Ozonics is widely advertised as the right solution for hunters. Since deer is one of the most popular game around, it’s common for most people to enquire if Ozonics can improve their chances of catching deer.

Well, Ozonics masks your scent, making your presence unknown to deer.  This is despite deer having a very strong sense of smell and knowing the many different scents in the woods.

The ozone generator will not stop the deer from smelling as it should, but instead, it gives it an alternative smell to yours. The ozone produced by the generator is completely harmless to deer.

Advantages of using an ozone generator

You’ll enjoy the following benefits should you get an ozone generator:

1. No need to wait on the wind

Before hunters started using ozone generators, they heavily depended on wind conditions.

With the current ozone technology for hunting, you can hunt game anywhere irrespective of the wind conditions.

2. It increases your hunting success rate

It is possible to increase your hunting success by using an ozone generator.  This device eliminates your scent meaning the deer won’t detect your presence compared to before when it noticed a hunter and started running away.

Every hunter wants hunting success that they can brag about until the next season comes. The ozone hunting technology can help you achieve it in all the seasons to come.