How to clean white vinyl fence that has yellowed

Many homeowners prefer vinyl fences because they are strong, do not blister, and don’t rot. Vinyl fences are also attractive barriers since they come in different colors, including tan, white, and grey. That means they can complement your surroundings.

Although the material does not get stained easily, it requires constant cleaning. Also, vinyl fences are vulnerable to staining by hard water, mildew, and algae, which appear as yellow, green, or black patches. You can remove yellow stains from a vinyl fence by cleaning it regularly.

The biggest advantage of using vinyl to fence your home is that it does not allow the growth of fungus. Also, it isn’t porous hence it does not allow air or liquids to pass through it.

vinyl fence pressure

That means even if the yellow stain is as a result of dirt, hard water, or algae, these will only occur on its surface. Thus, you can clean algae from a vinyl fence using water and soap or other effective methods as discussed here.

Effective ways to clean a white vinyl fence that has yellowed

Here’s how you can clean a yellowed vinyl fence:

1. Pressure washing

Pressure washing requires a high-speed water spray and detergent to remove stains from the vinyl fence without damaging it.

You will need

Follow these directions

  • Spray plain water on the entire fence or patch that you want to clean
  • Stand at least four feet out and start washing from the top going downwards.
  • Using the soap nozzle, apply the fence cleaner or detergent. A thin layer of the form will appear on the vinyl fencing.
  • Use the soft bristle brush to scrub away visible stains on the fence.
  • Let the cleaner sit on the fence for at least five minutes to dissolve and remove the stains.
  • Use the rinsing nozzle to rinse the fence with clean water. Do not allow the cleaner to dry on the wall because it will leave more marks.

If your vinyl fence has minor dirt or grime, use a high-speed hose to spray the fence. You can clean off any stubborn stains that remain using a soft brush.

2. Using household cleaning products

Several household cleaning products can also remove dirt, grime, algae, and other stains on a yellowed vinyl fence.

You will need

  • One cup of vinegar (This Green Gobler vinegar concentrate works best)
  • Two gallons of water
  • A sponge or rag
  • A bristled brush
  • Water hose (Consider Flexzilla garden hose if you don’t have one yet)


  • Add the vinegar into the water.
  • Dip the sponge or rag into the solution.
  • Wipe down the fence from side to side or top to bottom.
  • Let it sit on the surface for at least five minutes.
  • Use the bristled brush to rub off any stains. Ensure to cover all areas several times to remove stubborn residue.
  • Use a water hose to cleanse the fence by removing solid particles and vinegar residues.

Vinegar is an ideal cleaning product to use on vinyl fences because it contains acetic acid, which will dissolve grime and remove rust from the fence. It is also mild and will not damage nearby plants.

3. Using bleach

Another effective method of cleaning a yellowed vinyl fence is to use a bleach solution.

You will need

  • One cup of laundry detergent
  • A quarter cup of bleach (I recommend the 30 Seconds outdoor cleaner)
  • Two gallons of water
  • A spray bottle
  • Soft sponge
  • Gloves


  • Pour the laundry detergent into the two gallons of water.
  • Add the bleach and mix the solution.
  • Pour the solution into the spray bottle.
  • Spray down the vinyl fence from top to bottom.
  • Let it sit for at least five minutes.
  • Wear your gloves and use the soft sponge to wipe down the bleach.
  • Use water to rinse the surface.

Bleach is one of the best products you can use to whiten a yellowed vinyl fence. However, it does not remove residue or dirt by itself, meaning that you will need to scrub the surface and rinse it to get better results.

Ready to clean that white vinyl fence that has yellowed?

You can use different methods to clean the surface of a white vinyl fence that has yellowed. Vinyl is a non-porous material that does not allow dirt, algae, or grime to pass through it. That means you can use the best cleaner for vinyl fencing and remove the yellowing caused by mold or hard water. Consider pressure washing or bleaching the fence as better methods for eliminating stubborn stains. To maintain the white color, wash frequently.

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