How to clean a Frigidaire dehumidifier

The primary function of your Frigidaire humidifier is to pull moisture from indoor air. But as it continues to perform its functions, it also collects a lot of nasty stuff.

These can include mold, bacteria, and mildew. When these microorganisms release into the air, they can cause health risks to the people who inhale them. You have to clean your Frigidaire dehumidifier regularly or at least once every few weeks to maintain it and ensure it does not harbor harmful microorganisms.

The best way of cleaning your Frigidaire dehumidifier is first to remove its filter. You will also have to clean the inside of a dehumidifier, including the bucket.

Also, start by wiping the outside of the unit to remove dust and dirt. Then, depending on your machine, you will have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning it.

How to get mold out of a Frigidaire dehumidifier bucket

Frigidaire dehumidifier bucket

When the Frigidaire dehumidifier pulls water from the air, it accumulates in the bucket. The bucket will get full at some point, prompting you to take it out of the machine and empty it.

If you do not empty the bucket regularly and clean it, bacteria and mold will grow inside or within it. Here is how to get mold out of your dehumidifier bucket:

  • The first step is to empty the bucket. The humidifier will shut down when the bucket is full, and an indicator will illuminate.
  • You will have to disassemble a Frigidaire dehumidifier bucket before removing it.
  • Press the sides of the bucket gently to unclip it from the dehumidifier.
  • Remove the bucket slowly from the unit to avoid spilling the water.
  • Discard the water.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the bucket if there is no noticeable build-up of mold.
  • You can also use soap and water to clean the bucket.
  • If there is noticeable mold, scrub it out by hand.
  • Alternatively, use a pressure washer to get the mold out and other unwanted minerals.
  • Once done, use a damp cloth with warm water and mild soap to complete the cleaning.

When you clean the bucket, ensure to rinse it off thoroughly. Also, the bucket should be dry before you return it to the dehumidifier.

If you do not want the water to collect in the bucket, you can allow for continuous drainage by opening the drain cover at the side of the unit and securing a hose onto the threaded portion of the drainage joint.

If the bucket fills after prolonged continuous use, remove it and check the hose for blockage by dirt. You will also have to clean the hose for any build-up of mold.

How to clean Frigidaire dehumidifier coils

Frigidaire dehumidifier coils

When a Frigidaire dehumidifier is on, the fan pulls moisture-laden air across the coils. The coils condense or draw moisture from the air.

In turn, the air flows through the top louvers into the room as dry, warm air. But as the coils continue working, they accumulate dust, frost, and grime. That means you have to clean the coils on a Frigidaire dehumidifier from time to time.

Here is how:

  • Unplug the dehumidifier from the power source.
  • Use a soft brush to remove any dirt.
  • Remove the dirt by scrubbing the coils in an up and down motion.

If you have been cleaning your coils for a while, the above will be enough to make them clean. But if dirt and grime have accumulated:

  • Spray the coils with foam solvent.
  • The hardened grime will begin to loosen up.
  • Follow it up by scrubbing the coils firmly.
  • Rinse the coils using warm water.

When rinsing the coils, ensure to cover the motor to avoid water damage.

How to clean Frigidaire dehumidifier filters

Filters on the Frigidaire dehumidifier work to remove dust particles from the air before the air passes through the coils.

The filters are crucial for maintaining healthy air quality and extending the life of the unit. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure they offer optimal performance.

Here are the steps for cleaning the Frigidaire dehumidifier filter:

  • First, remove the filter by pulling the tabs and then taking it out.
  • Wash the filter with clean water.
  • Let it dry before returning it.
  • Avoid drying the air filter with an electric hairdryer.
  • Once the filter is dry, replace it on the rear of the unit and snap it in place.

It is best to remove the filter every two weeks based on its operating conditions. Understand that a Frigidaire dehumidifier has a CLEAN FILTER light that illuminates after 250 hours of operation.

Once the hours elapse, it means you have to clean the filter. After the cleaning and replacement, you will have to press the FILTER button to remove the illuminating light.

How to clean the cabinet

A Frigidaire dehumidifier cabinet is an enclosure with electronic humidity control. It works by maintaining a stable relative humidity as a preset level. Here is how to clean it:

  • Dust the cabinet using an oil-free or damp cloth.
  • Vacuum the grill using a brush attachment.

Depending on how dirty the cabinet is, you may have to use warm water and soap to clean it.

After the cleaning, plug it back into the power supply to begin the dehumidification process.

How to store a Frigidaire dehumidifier

When your Frigidaire dehumidifier is not in use, you need to store it well. Here is how:

  • Unplug and tidy up the cord.
  • Empty the water tank and allow it to dry.
  • Remove the filter by pulling the tabs and then taking it out.
  • Clean the filter with warm water and allow it to dry.
  • Repackage the dehumidifier in its original box if possible.
  • Store the unit upright in a dry location.

When cleaning the filter, avoid using hot water.


The first step of cleaning a Frigidaire dehumidifier is to empty the bucket and discarding the water. You will then have to use a soft, damp cloth to clean the bucket or scrub it by hand to remove any noticeable mold.

Other parts of the unit that require cleaning include the filter, cabinet, and coils. Ensure to clean your dehumidifier at least twice a month to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, dirt, grime, and mildew.

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