Can you put VapoRub in a humidifier?

Since VapoRub is a popular mentholated ointment for treating cold and other breathing-related complications, millions of people use it in humidifiers.

However, like other household items for treating minor complications, misusing it may endanger one’s health.

So, can you put Vicks VapoRub in a humidifier? No. While it contains mentholated ointment that has many benefits, Vicks may cause skin irritations. Also, the components of Vicks cause buildup in your humidifier, shortening its durability.

Apart from the standard humidifier, can you put Vicks in a cool-mist humidifier? No. Regardless of the humidifier’s make or brand, the consequences are the same.

In some exceptional cases, Vicks can be flammable when overheated. Therefore, using it may not only harm you but also cause a fire.

Alternatives to VapoRub that work with humidifiers

Since heating Vicks VapoRub in humidifiers is not safe for you, there are some alternatives to control common colds at home.

You can use the two options highlighted below to achieve almost the same soothing experience during winter.

1. Any over-the-counter vaporizer with mentholated ointment

While Vicks may be one of the most popular remedies for colds and coughs, there are many over-the-counter alternatives. However, when buying any of the options, ensure that it has a mentholated ointment, as the active ingredient.

If you are uncertain about the brands available, contact a professional. However, if you are buying a vaporizer for children, talk to a healthcare professional for more guidance.

In some over-the-counter options, it may be hard to spot ingredients that may trigger allergies. This is especially true for children.

2. The new VapoSteam

If you’d love to have Vicks VapoRub in a humidifier and the above alternative did not work for you, you can try VapoSteam. It contains all the properties found in the normal Vicks but usable in humidifiers.

The new VapoSteam comes as a liquid (that can be) added to water and then put in a humidifier. The product has many active ingredients.

For example, it has soothing oils that have antiseptic properties. Also, Vicks liquid for humidifiers has camphor and eucalyptus as the main active ingredients.

Can you put Vicks in a humidifier for a baby?

The VapoSteam is safe for children above the age of two. All the active ingredients have soothing properties, which are vital to children during the cold seasons.

However, if you are uncertain about its effects on your child, you should contact a professional for more examination.

When to stop using a vaporizer to treat cold and cough

The above two options work for most people. However, you should stop using any of them if you experience some side effects.

Allergic reactions such as peeling skin, wheezing, and rash are indications to stop using a certain product. The side effects are almost similar across all age groups.

Besides the side effects, some vaporizers may not give you the needed relief from cold. In such a case, speak to a healthcare professional and explore other available options.


Due to the reasons highlighted above, you cannot put VapoRub in your humidifier.

However, if you are interested in using the mentholated ointment in a humidifier, then use VapoSteam, which works perfectly on all humidifiers.

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