What is the best location for an air purifier?

Did you know that you increase an air purifier’s efficiency by placing it in the correct place?

Regardless of how fancy the air cleaner is, putting it behind your couch, for example, may not be the best thing to do.

Also, placing it near the wall is not a perfect decision, especially if you are interested in optimal performance.

So, what is the best location for an air purifier? For the best results, place your air purifier near the pollutant or source of smoke and odors.

If there is no particular source, place it in an open space with no immediate obstacles for optimal airflow.

However, you should avoid placing an air purifier in the bathroom and very near to cooking areas since they have high humidity. When the air is heavy, you may need more power to create airflow.

Which way should an air purifier face? The appropriate direction is towards the area you would like to purify the air.

Depending on the design of your house, you can place the purifier at one end of the room, facing the middle.

Note that, whichever direction it faces, the purifier must be in an open space with enough air circulation. This way, it will be quicker and efficient.

Where to place an air purifier in your home

Here are the best suggestions on where to place an air purifier.

1. Place it near the source of the odor

If the main odor source is the smoking room or a dog pad, it is advisable to place the air purifier near it. The same case applies to other air pollutants.

The two main advantages of placing it near the odor source are efficiency and less energy consumption.

It is vital to note that most home air purifiers do not have the power to purify the air in a home evenly. So, if you overstretch its capacity, you may end up using more energy without a corresponding efficiency.

2. Avoid cluttered places

The urge to place the air purifier behind another gadget such as a TV is naturally huge.

While the need to create as much space as possible in a home is understandable, it may not work perfectly. Placing it in an open space improves its efficiency and energy consumption.

Besides placing the purifier in an open room, you should keep it away from other electronics. Gadgets such as TVs and fridges may affect your air purifier’s efficiency. If possible, declutter a place in your home for its placement.

3. Put an air purifier on a table

Avoiding the ground is the best way to minimize tripping hazards. When placed on a table, the air purifier improves the air between the ceiling and the floor.

The placement also improves the air purifier’s ability, especially if it has a small capacity.

However, when placed on a table, you should close the windows. Since most pollutants are from the outside, minimizing the air and dust from the outside helps. It is not ideal to place an air purifier near the window.

4. Rotate the purifier in different rooms

Consider placing the air purifier in different rooms in a rotational routine. When you move an air purifier from room to room, you achieve two things.

First, your home will have almost similar air quality instead of some rooms with fresher air than others. Second, it is cheaper as opposed to buying more air purifiers.

What to consider when placing an air purifier (in any of the four places)

Once you have identified the ideal location for your air purifier, you should pay attention to these factors:

1. The room size

The manufacturer will indicate its capacity, often quoted as SF (Square Foot/Feet). If the targeted room is 200-SF, you should get a 200-SF purifier (or close) for better results.

However, if the room is too big for the cleaner’s capacity, consider rotating it around as often as possible.

2. Noise produced

In most cases, the air purifier is more likely to be noisy. While some high-end models are silent, you should pay attention to where you want to place it regarding the noise.

However, if you are okay with the noise from the cleaner, place it anywhere. But if you are a light sleeper, consider placing it farther away from your bed or go for the high-end models.

The above four suggestions will help you choose the best air purifier location.

They are not only ideal for air purification but also for improving the air purifier’s efficiency. In addition, they help to reduce energy consumption.