Which is the best air freshener for a garbage can?

Smells from the garbage can tend to drift from their source to the surroundings and into your house.

Sometimes, you may have to follow the odor to identify the source. But the culprit is always the garbage can that is causing the pungent smell in your home. Although the garbage bin smell by itself is an annoyance, it can also attract mice, bugs, flies, and rats.

One of the most practical ways of getting rid of these odors is to get the best garbage odor eliminator. This eliminator helps to neutralize bad smells in your trash and ensures a fresh and long-lasting smell.

The product works by absorbing spills and leaks and combating smells from food, pet accidents, spoiled meat, and diapers, among other organic waste matter.

Since you need the best garbage odor eliminator to eliminate terrible smells, we’ve compiled a list of the top products you can find.

Best garbage can odor eliminators in 2023

These are the best products to prevent garbage can smells.

1. Arm & Hammer 84116 – Best overall

Arm & Hammer 84116

Arm & Hammer 84116 is, without a doubt, the best odor eliminator for the garbage can. This trash and dumpster deodorizer combines baking powder and odor-fighting fragrance. It will destroy stubborn smells upon contact.

The product weighs 42.6 oz, comes in a pack of two, and is available in powder form. You can use it to deodorize your garbage can by sprinkling the powder directly on it each time you add more trash. Unlike other similar products, Arm & Hammer is unscented.

  • Ideal for use in dumpsters, trash cans, grease traps, drains, and diaper pails
  • Keeps bad smells down between garbage pick-ups
  • It works quite well even in the summertime heat
  • You must sprinkle lots of powder for the best effects

2. Toter Powerfresh

Toter Powerfresh is a trash can odor eliminator that comes with a fresh citrus scent. It can help you to get rid of the rotten smell from the garbage can and keep it smelling fresh for up to 30 days.
The product is a powerful deodorizer that is also easy to install by peeling and sticking on a surface. You will have to stick it on the sides of your trash cash to eliminate bad smells.

  • Designed to fit any outdoor yard waste bin or trash can
  • It is refillable, meaning that you do not have to buy the product over and over
  • The fresh citrus scent lasts up to 30 days
  • Does not stick well and may fall off after the first pick up

3. Zero Odor Pro

Zero Odor Pro

Zero Odor Pro is a commercial-strength odor eliminator, neutralizer, deodorizer, and smell remover. It will eliminate more robust smells from your smelly trash can without masking or covering up the odors.
The product comes in spray form. You will have to spray it on the trash to deodorize it. Since it is loaded with fragrances, it will leave the garbage bin smelling fresh until the next pick-up.

  • It is safe for both home and commercial use
  • You can use it on rugs, desks, carpets, and hard floors, in addition to garbage cans
  • Permanently eliminates existing smells and freshens surfaces to prevent odor build-up
  • It is pricey compared to similar products
  • Has a strong chlorine smell

4. Zep Inc Zugoe1 Garb Odor Eliminator

The Zep Inc Zugoe1 Garb is a garbage can odor control and eliminator. It can help you to eliminate bad smells caused by decaying food and other organic waste.
As a commercial-grade odor eliminator, it will help you to neutralize garbage smells in homes, hotels, kitchens, and other areas. You can use it by sprinkling the powder into the bottom of a trash bin to neutralize bad smells.

  • Helps to control insects around garbage cans
  • Works well with a small sprinkle of the powder, but stronger odors require more
  • It is perfect to use during hot summers
  • Its potency does not last long

5. Purifyou 100% Air Purifier

Purifyou is a 100% all-natural air purifier and diaper deodorizer. It is one of the best products that can help you to get rid of garbage smell in the house.
The air purifier comes in a set of 12 bamboo carbon filters. These are ideal for eliminating diaper smell and other odors in shoe closets, pet areas, refrigerators, and cars. Its superior filters utilize activated carbon to maximize odor elimination.

  • It is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic air purifier and odor eliminator
  • Easy to use since you only need to place a sealed bag in a trash container or at the source of the odor
  • It will keep your trash can smelling fresh within 30 days
  • The carbon filters are small in size, and you may need more to eliminate strong odors

Things to consider before buying a garbage odor eliminator

Here are some factors to consider before buying the best garbage can odor remover.

  • Mode of application: You should be able to use the trash can odor eliminator in different areas. The areas should include pet cages, diaper pails, litter boxes, and other places where bad smells are a problem.
  • How long does the scent last? The scent of the garbage can odor eliminator should last at least 30 days or until the next pick-up.
  • Physical form: Odor eliminators for trash cans come in different forms. Some come in powder forms, which require you to sprinkle in the decomposed organic matter. Baking soda in the trash can is an excellent example.

Others come in bags that you place on the corners of the trash can. You will also encounter some that come as stickers to allow you to stick on the sides of garbage containers.