Where should a humidifier be placed in a bedroom?

A humidifier is an important device when it comes to your health. It helps to add moisture to the air, which prevents a wide range of health problems that are caused by dry air, for example, bloody nose, dry sinuses, dry lips, dry skin, among others.

However, for a humidifier to offer you the best results, you must place it in the right location and position.

The bedroom is one of the most common locations for placing a humidifier since most people spend a lot of their time there (even if it is sleeping).

While the bedroom is one of the most frequently used rooms, there are still some things to consider, such as how close should a humidifier be to your bed. Others include how long to run the humidifier, safety issues when sleeping, and most importantly, whether it is a good idea to have a humidifier in the bedroom in the first place.

To help you ease the confusion, and to ensure that you get the best results from your humidifier, we have come up with important information you need to know when placing a humidifier in the bedroom. Read on to find out more.

Is it good to have a humidifier in the bedroom?

Having a humidifier in your bedroom is perfectly okay. And, as already noted, several people choose their bedrooms as the top location for humidifiers. Doing so helps to improve the air quality in the bedroom, which offers a wide range of health benefits.

There are, however, a few risks such as the increased risk of mold and bacterial growth (due to increased humidity), and safety concerns (if using a warm mist humidifier). However, these risks can be addressed by choosing a proper humidifier location in the room.

What is the best place for a humidifier in the bedroom?

Wondering where to place a humidifier in the bedroom? There are several locations you can opt for. You just need to ensure that it is not close to the bed, especially when you are sleeping, as this can lead to a safety hazard.

So, exactly how close should a humidifier be to your bed?

For optimal safety, the location you choose should be close enough to improve the air quality in every part of the room, but not too close to the bed that the humidifier can be easily knocked off or fall on you causing burns. This means it should be a minimum of 3 feet away from your bed.

It is also a good idea to choose stable locations, where there is minimal or no chance of the humidifier falling or rolling off onto the ground.

Possible locations where you can place a humidifier include nightstands, dressing tables, or other surfaces (stable surfaces) in the bedroom.

Should a humidifier run all night?

Wondering whether you can sleep with a humidifier on? The answer is yes. You can run a humidifier for as long as you need, even all night long. You just need to make sure that the humidifier does not pose any safety concerns when you are sleeping.

On the downside, however, you should not run the humidifier for too long, to an extent that there is too much humidity in the room – this can increase the risk of mold and bacterial growth. This guide should come in handy if you are thinking of sleeping with a humidifier at night.


Wondering how close should a humidifier be to your bed? Don’t worry, this is a major concern that most people have when choosing a humidifier location in the bedroom.

The best way forward is to place it in a location close enough to your bed to offer you adequate fresh air, but at the same time, not too close to be a safety hazard.