How to remove paint odor from inside the house

Monotony is boring, especially if it’s in a place you frequently associate with, like your home. If you cannot afford to revamp and buy new décor, changing the paint color always works wonders.

The problem is that most paints contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with a pungent smell that may linger for days.

Some even have carcinogens, hence the need to quickly deal with the fresh paint smell. Lucky for you, several home remedies work.

1. Use onions

Bet you didn’t know that onions can be used for more than cooking. They are highly absorbent, making them a good air filter. This method can only work if you don’t mind the annoying onion smell or are willing to trade it with the paint smell.

  • Slice your onion into huge pieces to ensure a considerable surface area for absorption.
  • Place the slices in small bowls with the cut side up, then place them in all the corners of the room
  • Leave the containers there overnight and repeat if need be. Please don’t use the onions for cooking afterwards, as they are now full of VOCs.

2. Apply vinegar

Although vinegar has a smell of its own, it doesn’t linger and is not toxic to your health. Hence, using vinegar to remove paint fumes isn’t a bad idea.

Depending on the amount of apple cider or white distilled vinegar you have, you can mix it with water or use it concentrated.

  • Pour at least four cups of vinegar named above and place them in each corner of the room; leave them overnight to do the trick.
  • Also, you can mix equal parts of vinegar and water, pour them into cups, and place them in the corners of the room.

3. Use a bowl of water and lemons

Water possesses the ability to absorb odor from the air. All you have to do is place a bowl of water in the room, and the work is done.

However, this method is slow and leaves no pleasant smell behind. That is why adding slices of lemon to your water does the trick.

The air will clear out faster, leaving your room smelling of fresh citrus.

  • Fill four bowls with water
  • Slice a couple of lemons and place the pieces in the water-filled bowls
  • Place the containers in the room corners overnight and refresh in the morning to eliminate the paint odor completely.

4.Light candles

Candles will not only help you neutralize paint odor but also leave your hose with a lingering sweet smell of whatever scent you bought. If the scented candles are too pricey, grab any candle, which will sill complete the task.

  • Place one or two candles in holders, then leave them on for about four hours.
  • Remember to blow them off afterwards to prevent fire accidents just in case you do not have candle holders.

5. Use an air purifier

Most air purifiers are designed to deal with toxic components in the air, and eliminating oil-based paint fumes is one viable scenario.

However, to ensure you are getting rid of all the odors, make sure to select a specially designed air purifier for paint fumes and chemicals. Once you have it, do the following:

  • Place it in the affected room and keep it running for as long as it’s needed.
  • Remember to change the carbon filter afterwards to avoid remittance.


It is effortless to deal with the very annoying fresh paint odor by following the above tips. If you are doing the painting yourself, wear a mask to protect yourself from the carcinogens from the get-go.