Does the ZeroWater jug work?

Since it is virtually impossible to live without water, most of us spend lots of money on bottled mineral water.

Unfortunately, bottled water promotes plastic use and is time-consuming; you constantly need to refill the bottle.

Therefore, if you live in a neighborhood where the tap water is unsafe to drink, chances are you have looked into water filter jugs such as the one from ZeroWater.

However, with many options flooding the market, it’s normal to question whether the ZeroWater jug works.

The brand claims that its ZeroWater jug filters 99.6% of impurities. However, that is if you replace the filter regularly.

Note that the rate at which the filter needs replacing depends on the amount of total dissolved solids in the water.

What are total dissolved solids?

Typically, tap water that is either filtered or unfiltered has a certain amount of dissolved solids in its compositions.

The said solids could be chlorine, Calcium, or potassium, among others.

So, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is the measuring unit of the number of dissolved solids, dirt, and grime in your water after it has come into contact with rocks and chemicals used in treatment plants.

Every ZeroWater jug comes with a TDS meter to help you calculate the number of impurities in your water.

Additionally, you should note that just because your water is impure does not mean it will harm your health. It means your water will not taste the way pure water tastes.

ZeroWater jugs

How does a ZeroWater jug work?

ZeroWater jugs are designed with a patented five-step purification process. No wonder the TDS meter will always read 00 if the filter works as it should.

The purification cycle is as follows:

  • First stage: Here, the filter removes all the large and fine sediment and particles you can see with the naked eye. 
  • Second stage: At this point, there is a form distributor whose primary purpose is to evenly distribute the water to increase contact time with the filter. This way, almost all the fine particles are filtered out. 
  • Third stage: At this stage, the water comes into contact with activated charcoal and an oxidation-reduction alloy. The activated charcoal improves the taste of the water and is also great for organics. On the other hand, the oxidation-reduction alloy is suitable for organics and improved tastes. 
  • Fourth stage: Here, there is a dual exchange bed of ion resin. Negative and positive ions attract TDS from the water molecules, returning the liquid to its normal state.
  • Fifth stage:  The last layer on the filter is a non-woven membrane dedicated to removing ultra-fine sediments and solids, making the water safe to drink.

Pros and cons of a ZeroWater jug

These are the benefits and drawbacks of using ZeroWater jugs.


  • The jug has a five-step filtration process that is thorough
  • Filtered water has a TDS score of 00
  • It comes with a 90-day warranty where they replace the item at no extra cost.
  • The package comes with a free TDS meter.
  • It is fairly priced considering the competitive market price
  • Easy to put together and use
  • It uses the dual bed ion exchange technology


  • Filters have a short life span
  • The water takes time to be thoroughly filtered
  • Rids the water of valuable minerals
  • Expensive to maintain


These are the most commonly asked questions about the ZeroWater jugs.

1. Does a ZeroWater jug reduce Chlorine and Chromium?


The TDS measure of water filtered by said equipment is 000, meaning that all foreign chemicals will have been filtered off.

 2. Do ZeroWater jugs come with a warranty?

Yes, they do. The catch is that the warranty only lasts for 90 days from purchase.

Once the 90 days are over, you cannot claim a refund or replacement if you find a defect.

3. Between Bruiuta and ZeroWater, which one is the better water filtration jug?

Depends. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

It all boils down to the results you are expecting.

4. Where can I purchase ZeroWater jugs?

You can get them on Amazon, the official ZeroWater manufacturer, and any primary retail shop near you.

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