Best odor eliminator for gym bags in 2022

One mystery that haunts many athletes is the smelly gym bag. People think that the smell is a sign of a great workout. But the reality is your gym backpack smells awful because of a bodily byproduct known as bromidrosis.

It occurs as a result of the body’s natural bacteria when they feed on the old bodily secretions and sweat on pads, gloves, shoes, jerseys, and other equipment. If you left your exercise clothing and equipment in the bag and forgot to clean it, the odor will occur.

Whenever you sweat on your exercise tools, these materials will absorb bacteria and other compounds. The moment you place the workout equipment in your gym bag, the bacteria will transfer to the bag’s fabrics.

This will leave your items wet and filled with lots of microorganisms in a closed space that will create a warm and moist environment. The organisms will, therefore, thrive and continue to produce bromidrosis, and eventually, a smelly backpack. You can avoid this by learning how to remove odor from bags.

How can an odor eliminator help?

You can make your bag smell good by using an odor eliminator. This is a product that is specifically designed to absorb moisture and bad smells without masking them. Odor absorbers come in different types and sizes. Make sure to select what works best for you.

Tips for choosing the best odor eliminator for gym bags

If you want to get bad smell out of a backpack using an odor eliminator, look for a product that meets the following requirements:

  • Reusability: The odor eliminator should be reusable to avoid buying many products.
  • Effective absorbent: most gym bag odor eliminator use activated bamboo charcoal. Others are in the form of sprays or chemical crystals. Choose an effective and safe absorbent.
  • Long-lasting: The absorbent should eliminate bad smells for at least six months. It should also get rid of odors immediately after applying it.

The best sweat odor eliminator for your gym bag should also be safe around kids and pets.

Best odor eliminators for gym bags: reviews & recommendations

These are the best products to get rid of bad smells from your exercise gear:

1. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag – Best Overall

moso natural odor eliminator
Moso purifying bags offer a natural solution for getting rid of bad smells from gym equipment. They work by absorbing moisture and odors and ensuring your sports gear remains fresh, dry, and free from stenches.

Moso activated charcoal bags are safe to use because its primary ingredient is bamboo charcoal. Besides, you can use them in many places, including shoes and other small spaces. You can read more about them in our Moso charcoal bags review.


  • Easy to use.
  • The bags can last up to two years before requiring some rejuvenation.
  • Does not mask odors.
  • It is fragrance-free and chemical-free.


  • It is not the best for large bags or spaces.

If you want a natural solution to eliminating bad smells from your gym backpack, the Moso Natural air purifying bag is your best choice.

2. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Shoe Deodorizer

Sneaker balls
Deodorizer balls are useful for getting rid of bad smells from gym bags, shoes, closets, and lockers. They will eliminate bacteria that cause odors using a specially formulated fresh and clean scent.

The balls have a quick-twist action that makes them easy to use. Besides, they will leave your exercise equipment smelling fresh within a few minutes of application.


  • Its shape and small size can reach and absorb odors in dark and tight places where other fresheners cannot go.
  • Can last up to six months, depending on usage.
  • It can fit in all gym items.


  • It is not reusable.

If you want a long-lasting gym bag deodorizer, the Sof Sole Sneaker Balls are worth considering.

3. NonScents Shoe Deodorizer

NonScents deodorizer
NonScents Shoe Deodorizer is an odor eliminator and freshener for sneakers, lockers, and gym bags. It works by getting rid of bad smells at a molecular level instead of masking them with fragrances.

Also, NonScents is non-toxic, fragrance-free, and made without using chemicals. That means it is safe for both adults and children.


  • It can eliminate odors for up to six months.
  • You can use it anywhere to get rid of sweat smells.
  • It has a subtle scent.


  • The deodorizer smells of chlorine, which can be overpowering to some users at first.

As a sports bag deodorizer, the NonScents Shoe Deodorizer rates well in terms of longevity, odor elimination, and scent.

4. Odor Drops Shoe Deodorizer Balls

Odor Drops
Odor Drops Shoe Deodorizer is a product made up of tiny balls that help to neutralize smells and refresh sneakers, lockers, gym bags, and cars.

The balls come in a pack of six that you can spread in different areas to get rid of unwanted odors. They have different scents, including citrus and crisp pine, that will leave any space you place them smelling lovely.


  • They are easy to use.
  • They are useful in many applications, including kitchen sinks, laundry, closets, and bathrooms.
  • The balls can last up to a year.


  • They tend to roll all the time and lock their hemispheres, which prevents them from working.

The Odor Drops Shoe Deodorizer balls are the best to place in a smelly and sweaty gym clothes bag. They will absorb the unwanted smells and leave behind a clean and crisp scent.

5. FunkAway Aerospray

FunkAway Aerospray is an extreme odor eliminator and aerosol. You can use it on shoes, clothes, gym gear, and other smelly stuff to get rid of bad smells.

Although it is a spray, the product will not mask any odors or anything that stinks. Instead, it will use its powerful formula to keep things smelling fresh.


  • It is a non-toxic product for eliminating foot odor.
  • works well on all smells.
  • Leaves behind a pleasant scent when sprayed on gym items.


  • The fluid is only 13.5 ounces, which can drain fast if you spray on many items.

If you prefer a sprayer to eliminate odors from gym bags, consider purchasing FunkAway Aerospray.

How to stop a gym bag from smelling

You can extend the life of your exercise gear, prevent smells, and reduce the risks of contracting infectious diseases by taking proper care of and disinfecting your gym items. Also, consider performing a thorough cleaning routine after practicing.

Here are several ways to stop your gym bag from smelling:

Empty it immediately

Once you get home, the first step is to empty all the contents of your gym bag. It will help to prevent the sweaty shoes, clothes, pads, and other items from stinking up the inside.

Air out your equipment

After getting home from the gym or workout, do not jump in the shower immediately. You will be allowing your damp clothes to sew in the hamper or bag and create a warm environment for microorganisms to thrive.

The best solution is to unzip it and air it out even if you are not planning to wash it. Airing it out will allow the equipment to dry and eliminate the dampness.

Wash the bag

If you have a machine-washable bag, toss it into the washing machine or add it to your laundry. But when doing so, do not use detergent alone.

Consider adding a cup of white vinegar to remove any lingering odors. Also, do not wait long before cleaning the backpack. The more you wait, the intensity of the smell will be too much.

Take advantage of silica gel packets

Place a few silica gel packets into the bag. The crystals will soak up the dampness or sweat and prevent bad smells from building up.

Use odor eliminator for gym bags

An odor eliminator for gym bags will help to fight bad smells caused by sweat and bacteria. It will also prevent the formation of mildew and mold by absorbing moisture.

When used regularly, the product will keep your workout equipment smelling better until you clean them.

How to wash a gym bag in 2 ways

You can wash a gym bag in several ways:

Machine wash it

If your bag is machine washable, do the following:

  • Take everything out of it.
  • Turn it inside out.
  • Ensure to remove any straps, if any or if possible.
  • Cinch the straps or tie them in a loose knot to prevent them from becoming entangled in the machine.
  • Wash the bag on a regular cycle with a few towels to give some friction.

Once done, hang the bag outside to dry.

Wash it by hand

You can wash the bag by hand using the following methods:

  • Take everything out of it.
  • Place a handful or cup of detergent into a bucket of water.
  • Immerse the bag into the bucket.
  • Use your hand to brush off exterior dust and dirt.
  • You can also scrub the bag with a soft rag or brush to clean dirty areas.
  • Rinse it thoroughly to get rid of any soap or detergent and avoid soapy residue.
  • After rinsing, air dry it by placing the bag on a flat surface.

Once the bag is dry, wipe it down using an antibacterial product.


When on the market for the best deodorizer pouch or spray, look for a product that does not mask smells, rather, one that completely gets rid of them. It should be safe to use and not harmful to children and pets. Hopefully, you’ve found your preferred choice from the gym bag odor eliminators above.

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