The 5 best Honeywell ceiling fans for home use in 2022

Your home is a sanctuary for your family. It is where you will make and enjoy precious moments. But you won’t be able to relish what a home can offer if it gets toasty during the hot weather. That’s why it is important to have a good ceiling fan installed in your home.

Honeywell ceiling fans stand out from the rest for several reasons. First, the company has been manufacturing fans for a long time and they have mastered the art. Second, they have fans for every purpose.

Are Honeywell ceiling fans good?

Honeywell ceiling fans are excellent since the company is renowned for its reliable motors. The motor technology enables them to cool down rooms quicker than most fans. Besides, they also come in a variety of finishes and styles that match any décor.

Where are Honeywell ceiling fans made?

Honeywell manufactures most of its products outside of the USA. In 2018, it expanded a manufacturing facility in Fulgaon, Pune, India.

Honeywell has also been spreading its presence in Asia with the establishment of a new manufacturing campus in Zhangjiagang, China. As of now, Honeywell only assembles and inspects a few of its ceiling fans in the USA.

Things to consider when choosing a Honeywell ceiling fan

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying a new Honeywell ceiling fan.

Room size

The size of your room will determine the type of Honeywell ceiling fan you choose. For stairwell and laundry spaces, go for a 20-inch fan. In small areas like bedrooms, home offices, or dens, the best fan to buy should be 40 inches. When dealing with a standard room like a kitchen, living room, or a large bedroom, go for one that is 50 inches. If your house measures more than 400 square feet, consider one that is more than 60 inches.

Mounting options

Mounting options include a flush mount and downrod mount. If you have a low ceiling and you need a low profile, a flush mount is what you need with no extra attachment. For a space that has a high ceiling, a downrod mount is the best.

Number of blades

The number of blades on a Honeywell ceiling fan determines the fan’s ability to move air efficiently. Go for a fan that has either four or five blades.

Although you can go for more blades, a higher number only increases drag on the motor. Fewer blades, on the other hand, provide the right balance between the amount of ambient noise produced and air circulated.

Wet rating

The rating will tell you where to install the ceiling fan. A dry rating means you can only place it indoors. A damp rating means it can withstand exposure to moderate, heavy, or driving rain, or it can have light mist, dew, or condensation on the motor exterior without much worry. A wet rating means you can install it outdoors.

Also, consider the style and finish of the fan to integrate with your décor.

Features to look for in Honeywell ceiling fans

  • Light kit – It will help to provide light in a room. Consider one that comes with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Remote control – The device helps you to control the fan. You can use it to adjust the speed of the fan, turn it on/off, or turn the lights on/off.
  • Reversible motor – A reversible motor allows you to change the direction of the fan so that it is more comfortable year-round. Also, it helps you to save money and energy by adjusting the thermostat.

You also have the option of going for a ceiling fan that comes with fancy features or is compatible with technologies like Google Home or Alexa.

5 best Honeywell ceiling fans in 2022

Based on the above considerations, these are the best Honeywell ceiling fans that we recommend for home use:

1. Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes is a modern ceiling fan that is suitable for spaces that are over 400 square feet. The fan has eight blades with a span of 62 inches, which helps to circulate the air well in a room.

All blades come in a rough pine, dark elm, and oil-rubbed finish. It features an integrated LED board, remote control, three-speed settings, a three-position tri mount, and a reversible motor.


  • It is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • It offers a timeless look in any room.
  • Its materials are of superior quality.
  • It operates quietly.


  • It does not circulate air well when standing directly underneath it.
As one of the best Honeywell ceiling fans with a remote, the 50609-01 Xerxes offers a timeless look and consumes less energy when operating.


2. Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie is an indoor ceiling fan that measures 52 inches and comes with five blades. All the blades come from rough pine wood and have a matte black finish.

It is a modern fan that is suitable for spaces of up to 400 square feet. The ceiling fan features an LED integrated drum light, remote control, reversible motor, two-position dual mount, and three-speed settings.


  • It has Smart Sync for quick setup.
  • The fan comes with two different mounting options.
  • It creates a sleek, geometric appeal, making it eye-catching in any room.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It is not easy to install.
The Honeywell 50614-01 Carnegie is suitable for homes that require a beautiful ceiling fan that offers better airflow and operates quietly.


3. Honeywell Palm Island Tropical Ceiling Fan

If you want a Honeywell electric fan for both indoor and outdoor use, the Honeywell Palm Island Tropical is what you need. It is a 52-inch ceiling fan that features a bronze finish, three mounting options, palm leaf blades, pull chain, and 4-speed settings.

The fan has a reversible motor that allows you to change the direction of its fives blades seasonally. You can install it in large rooms of up to 400 square feet.


  • It operates quietly.
  • Its blade pitch of 13 degrees ensures you get a nice breeze.
  • The bronze finish makes the ceiling fan look attractive in any home.
  • It is cheap and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It does not come with a remote.
  • It does not have a light kit.
If you prefer sitting outdoors on your patio in the summer and you want some cool breeze, the Honeywell Palm Island Tropical ceiling fan is suitable for you. It is cheap, attractive, and offers better airflow.


4. Honeywell 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 51036 Kaliza is a powerful and quiet ceiling fan for large spaces. It comes with the standard Honeywell ceiling fan remote control to allow you to operate it from any position in a room.

The fan is bold and beautiful since it has an espresso bronze finish and made from oak wood. Some of its features include a reversible motor, 3-speed settings, two mounting options, and six 56-inch grey oak blades.


  • It is compatible with Google Home and Alexa for easy control.
  • Its six blades offer proper distribution of air in a room.
  • Has a powerful motor that operates quietly.
  • Its light kit helps to illuminate a space.


  • It does not work well when installed on sloped ceilings.
The Honeywell 51036 Kaliza ceiling fan adds a modern touch to any space. It works well to circulate air in a room, is easy to install, and the LED lights help to illuminate your house.


5. Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon Ceiling Fan

If you want to improve the look of your room with a large and contemporary ceiling fan, choose the Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon. It is a 52-inch fan that comes with three blades finished in brushed nickel.

The fan has an integrated LED light kit that is dimmable and will illuminate any space. Some of its features include a reversible motor, remote control, three-speed settings, and three mounting options.


  • It is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Its three mounting options give you dynamic hanging capabilities.
  • It offers adequate airflow.
  • It comes in superior air quality material.


  • It takes longer to install.
According to these ceiling fan ratings, the Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon rates higher in terms of value for money, brightness, and style. It is also powerful and perfect for indoor use in large spaces.



The best Honeywell ceiling fans are those that have all the features you need. For example, they should have a remote to allow you to control the fan from any area of your house. Also, choose one that has a reversible motor so that it can blow out warm air in winter and a breeze in the summer.

A ceiling fan that comes with a light kit is useful in illuminating your home. Some examples to consider are the Honeywell 50604-01 Eamon and the 51036 Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fans.

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