Best enzyme cleaner for cat urine in 2022

Cats are great pet animals that can make your house feel homier, not to mention that they are great at keeping you company. However, having a cat in your home brings about a major problem – the foul odor of cat urine.

While your cat might be house-trained, from time to time, he or she can urinate outside the litter box.

Since a cat’s urine contains a mixture of bacteria, urea, ammonia, hormones, and other substances, it creates a very foul and persistent odor that is hard to get rid of using normal cleaning solutions. Besides, smelling cat waste is bad for your health.

Fortunately, with the right type of cat pee removal solution, you can get rid of the cat waste odor. And nothing is better at removing the odor and stains than enzyme cleaners.

It is for this reason that we have listed the best enzyme cleaners for cat urine that are found on the market.

Best enzyme cleaner for cat urine in 2022 – our top picks!

Here are the best enzyme cleaners for cat urine:

Nature’s Miracle Just Cats Oxy Formula
(Best overall)
170 oz
Nilodor Original Urine Digester128 oz
OUT! Advanced Urine Blaster17 oz
So Phresh Bio-Enzymatic Cat Urine Fighter32 oz
Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Urine Destroyer128 oz
No Scent Cat Urine Odor Eliminator32 oz

1. Nature’s Miracle Just Cats Oxy Formula

Nature's Miracle Just for CatsIf you are looking for a fast-acting cat stain and odor remover, the Oxy Stain & Odor Remover from Nature’s Miracle is the way to go.

It comes with a super-oxygenated cleaning formula that penetrates the surfaces and activates instantly when applied. This helps to remove the stain and odor quicker than other cleaning solutions.

The enzyme cleaner has a natural, fresh-smelling orange scent, which helps to leave your house smelling clean and lovely.

What you’ll love most about Nature’s Miracle Oxy Cleaner is that it is safe for use around children and pets. It is safe for cleaning a wide range of surfaces from carpets, upholstery, clothes, cat bedding, sheets, and blankets.

You can use the enzyme cleaner to get rid of other stubborn stains such as wine stains, dirt, blood, pet feces, grease, vomit, and so on – and the results are just as impressive as with cat urine removal.

One major drawback is that the orange scent is artificial. This could be problematic if you are sensitive to fragrances. However, the fragrance problem is likely to be non-existent or minimal if you use it as instructed.

  • It is very effective in getting rid of cat urine stains and odors, as well as a range of other domestic stains and smells
  • It features an advanced, fast-acting cleaning formula
  • Ideal for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and cloth materials
  • It features a fresh-smelling orange fragrance
  • The artificial scent can be overwhelming to some people

If you can get past the scent it generates, then Nature’s Miracle Just Cats is the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine that you can buy.

2. Nilodor Original Urine Digester

NilodorIf you prefer natural cleaning solutions, the Nilodor’s Original Urine Digester is a perfect choice for you.

It is a bio-enzymatic cleaner that comes contains a selected strain of food natural bacteria and enzymes, which break down and digest the organic compounds that are found in the cat urine, thus eliminating the stain and the source of the odor.

The cleaner also comes with a proprietary odor counteractant, which completely neutralizes the odor, leaving your home smelling fresh and preventing your cat from peeing in the same spot again.

One of the things you will love about the enzyme cleaner is its ease of use. You can mop with it around the urine stain and the surrounding areas, or simply spray the cleaning solution directly to the stain.

You can also use it on a wide range of surfaces, from carpets to hard surfaces. On top of that, it is 100% completely safe to use around children and pets, thanks to its natural ingredients.

One drawback, though, is that you might have to apply the cleaner a number of times to completely get rid of the odor. This is true for old strong stains odors.

  • An effective enzyme cleaner that completely removes the cat urine odor
  • Natural ingredients that are safe to use around children and pets
  • A proprietary fragrance that is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute
  • Can be used to remove other types of stains and odor – solid stains and urine odor from pets and even humans (in urinals)
  • It might require several applications to get rid of some stains and odors

An excellent multi-purpose odor remover that is effective for the removal of strong cat odor. However, you’ll have to apply a little more than our first-choice product.

3. OUT! Advanced Urine Blaster enzyme cleaner for cat urine

Out AdvancedDoes your cat pee repeatedly in the house even after removing stains and odor? Or are the cat pee odors in your home proving stubborn? OUT! Advanced Serve Stain & Odor Remover is the solution you have been seeking.

The enzyme cleaner has an advanced cleaning formula with enzymes and pro-bacteria. These components attack and digest stubborn cat urine stains and odors. The cleaning formula is concentrated and gives three times the strength of normal cleaners.

As a result, not only does it remove cat urine stains, but also gets rid of tough stains and nasty odors in the home.

One of the best features of the OUT! Advanced Stain & Odor Remover is that it is designed to break down the pheromones found in cat urine. This prevents your cat from revising its previous spots, thus encouraging it to pee outdoors or in the litter box.

  • It comes with natural ingredients and mild cleansers and fragrances (no harsh chemicals), which make it 100% safe to use around children and pets
  • Very effective in getting rid of cat urine stains and odors
  • It is ideal for carpets, upholstery, as well as hard surfaces
  • While the mild fragrances are perfect for people who are sensitive to smells, they might not mask the odor perfectly, especially with old stains. However, applying the cleaner a few times will help to get rid of the odor completely

It’s a good product that removes odors and prevents cats from peeing on the same spots again. However, you will need to apply the liquid generously for the best results.

4. So Phresh Bio-Enzymatic Cat Urine Fighter

So PhreshSo-Phresh Cat Urine Fighter & Remover is another environmentally friendly enzyme cleaner for getting rid of cat urine stains and odors.

The product features natural enzymes that break down the organic compounds found in the cat urine (and other types of organic stains), while at the same time, neutralizing the foul odor of these stains.

It is considered to be one of the best environmental-friendly enzyme cleaners due to its high concentration of natural enzymes (higher than that of most other enzyme cleaning products).

The eco-friendliness of the product also goes into its packaging – where it comes with recycled plastic (25%) bottle.

Aside from the environmental-friendliness, and the increased safety due to the natural ingredients, you will also love the fact that you can use the cleaner on a wide range of surfaces – carpets, upholstery, furniture, hard surfaces, fabrics, pet beddings, kennels, and others.

  • An effective enzyme cleaner that gets rid of cat urine stains and odors, as well as other domestic stains
  • A natural, environmental-friendly formula that makes the cleaner safe to use around kids and pets
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces and materials without fear of causing damage
  • Without an artificial scent, some stubborn stains might require several applications to completely get rid of the foul smell

Made from 100% natural ingredients and can be used across a variety of surfaces.

5. Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Urine Destroyer

Nature's Miracle Urine DestroyerIf removing cat pee stains is proving to be tough, Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Urine Destroyer might be what you need.

The cleaner comes with a targeted enzymatic formula that breaks down the compounds found in cat pee stains, getting rid of the foul smell and the sticky yellow residue.

The enzyme cleaner does not feature any harsh chemicals, which makes it safe to use at home – around people, children, and pets. It is also ideal to use on various surfaces such as carpets, furniture, cloth fabrics, hard floors, and other surfaces.

  • Advanced strength formula that fights stubborn cat urine stains and odors
  • Bacteria-based enzyme formula that is safe for your family and pets
  • A light fresh scent that mask the smell of tough stains, leaving your house smelling fresh
  • Like with most stubborn cat urine stains (especially old ones), you might need several applications to completely get rid of the odor
  • It only comes with a pouring form (no sprayer)

This is one of the few odor eliminators that are safe for pets and children.

6. No Scent Cat Urine Odor Eliminator

No Scent pet urine removerNo Scent Cat Urine Odor Eliminator features an advanced probiotic formula made up of selected naturally occurring and spore-forming bacteria and a plant-based surfactant.

The bacteria produce enzymes that attack the organic compounds found in cat urine, as well as other organic pet waste substances.

The formula is designed to continue working long after application, thus guaranteeing you complete removal of the stain and odor, as well as preventing the return of your pet to the same spots.

The bio-enzymatic cat urine remover features 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients that are safe to use for both humans and pets. The ingredients are also safe to use on your carpets, fabrics, and other surfaces.

  • Natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals, making the cleaner extremely safe to use
  • A fast-acting bio-enzymatic formula that continues to work long after application
  • No artificial scents – it works by eliminating the odor as opposed to masking it
  • Prevents cat markings and remarking
  • It might take several applications to get rid of odor from stubborn stains, especially since there is no fragrance to mask them

This product is made from biodegradable materials which makes it ideal for anybody who is environmental conscious.

Factors to consider when choosing an enzyme cleaner for cat urine

Enzyme cleaners are the best solution for getting rid of cat urine odor. They work by breaking down the organic elements found in the urine. They also contain enzymes and good bacteria that neutralize the bad bacteria found in the urine. This helps in getting rid of the foul odor.

On top of that, enzyme cleaners kill the hormones contained in the cat’s urine. The elimination of the smell and the killing of hormones prevents the cat from returning to the same spot to urinate. Therefore, not only are they ideal for making your home smell nice, they act as deterrents that prevent your cat from peeing in the house.

However, not all enzyme cleaners for cat urine are the same.  For example, they contain different ingredients, some are designed to be used on specific surfaces, and so on. Therefore, even if enzyme cleaners are generally more effective than other cleaning solutions, some of them will work better than others.

As a result, when looking to purchase the products, it is important to take into account a number of factors so as to ensure you get the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine. Below is a look at some of these factors that you should consider:


Cat urine stains and odors are harder to get rid of than other domestic stains. As a result, some stain and odor removers – including some enzyme cleaners – only mask them instead of getting rid of them completely – which is something you don’t want.

Therefore, buy the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine that is 100% effective. This will guarantee a clean and fresh smelling home.


Safety is another major factor to consider when buying a cat urine remover. The product you buy should be safe for you and your pet.

This means avoiding products that use harsh chemical substances and going for ones that are environmentally friendly (if possible, only using natural ingredients).

Working duration

The longer stains and odor remain on your carpet and other surfaces, the harder they will be to get rid of.

Therefore, when choosing a cat pee odor remover, you should go for a fast-acting product that will get rid of the stains and smell quickly.

Type of surface

The type of surface you are cleaning is another important consideration. Some enzyme cleaners for cat urine are designed to be used only on carpets. On the other hand, others are designed for a wide range of surfaces.

Before you purchase a carpet, make sure it is safe to use on the surface you want to clean.

How to remove cat urine stains and odors using enzyme cleaners

Different enzyme cleaners for cat urine have different instructions. Read carefully and follow to ensure the best results. However, below is a general guide to the process of using your preferred product to remove the stains and smells.

  • Identify the cat urine stains: To remove cat urine stains and odor, find the spot where your cat has urinated. Usually, you will find the spots without much trouble. However, some cats have the habit of urinating in concealed spots. This means the stain can remain hidden for a long time until the odor starts to become more noticeable. Using a black light can help you to identify these hidden spots.
  • Blot up the spot: If the urine spot is still fresh, blot up as much of the urine as possible using a paper towel. However, if the stain is dry, proceed to the next step.
  • Soak up the stain and the surrounding area: Apply your chosen enzyme cleaner for cat urine to the spot – by either spraying or pouring depending on the product. To get rid of all the urine and odor sources, add more enzymatic cleaner to take care of urine that has spread through the fabrics or surface.
  • Allow the area to sit for a while: Cover the area using a foil, basket, or any other material and allow it to sit for 5-15 minutes. This will prevent the cat from urinating on the same spot while the cleaner is working.
  • Blot up and leave to dry: Remove the cover and blot up as much of the cleaning solution as possible. Leave the area to dry up naturally.

In the event that the stain or odor is still present after the first application, allow the spot to dry before reapplying the cleaner again.


If you are a cat-owner, you know those urine accidents are normal. This is especially true if your cat is not properly housetrained, old, or is suffering from a health condition. From time to time, these stains may remain hidden, making it harder to remove them and the resulting foul odor. Fortunately, there are several cleaning products that you can use to get rid of the stains and odors, with enzyme cleaners offering the best result.

The above review features some of the best enzyme cleaners for cat urine that are currently on the market. With these cleaners, you can be able to fight stubborn stains and odors, even old stains that are usually impossible to get rid of with normal cleaning solutions.